The cancellation % used to determine your position under Uber Pro includes “ALL CANCELLATIONS”

That means if a minor is your PAX and you cancel you take the hit. If a person without a baby seat is your PAX and you cancel you take the hit. If an Pool passenger is more than 2 mins and you cancel you take the hit. :thinking: Uber putting the driver first.

The acceptance % used is based on all non accepted rides even if it is a substantial distance but a really short fare. So 30 mins drive to pick up PAX and drop them off for a 1 min fare & you make $3.00 - less than minimum wage you don’t accept and you take the hit :man_facepalming: again Uber putting the driver first.

Surge - I have always been told this was based off of a supply demand curve but was just 100% confirmed by an Uber representative in the tech dev department that surges are predetermined based off of anticipated volume, time of day (rush hour) and geographic location for pick up. sounds like if a passenger will pay a surge then they are going to Surge to make more money but if a passenger won’t because maybe they live in a lower income community we won’t surge. That’s why driver seat pick ups 20+ minutes away with no surge for short trips :man_shrugging:t2: I give up.

Not 1 of the items above is Driver focused - so much for the 180 day program. Oh by the way - the same tech dev informed me that the rep ratings after calls in for Diamond and Platinum support are being used by the company to show that 99% of driver

Have had 5 underage pax requests in last 2 days. 15 yr.old says been riding for 2 yrs. Parents use their accounts for kids… people just don’t seem know this is policy . We get hit for it. Some drivers don’t care and do it anyway.

it’s really not correct has nothing to do with your acceptance rate it’s a cancellation rate and yes they are counting those but if you do plenty of rides it will never add up to more than a bit I’ve canceled a bunch of times and only have a 2% cancellation rate

it doesn’t show me anything except ratings, and again I have no idea what an Uber Pro is… you mean Uber PROFILE?

Huber is setting up programs to write drivers as basic gold platinum and diamond it’s based off of your ride your points your ratings are cancellations a whole plethora of nonsense that works to manipulate the system their way

Seriously when these people are getting an Uber or Lyft, they are not looking at your cancellation and acceptance rate. They just want to ride

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Uber support doesn’t help with anything…my account is deactivated because of my poor ratings. When you report a problem with the navigational app there is no help.

I had to decline so many this am from nbn thecdnow storm in Pittsburgh area. I did 1trip for 4miles & it was 33min drive. Should have been 10 min tops. So I guess I will get a bad rating

Conversation started because I opened a ticket about my cancellation % I have complained and bitched about it for three months not being accurate and I got a callback from a tech person at Uber. we had a lengthy conversation and I explained the same thing that you posted in regards to certain cancellations don’t count he laughed and said that’s not true all cancellations count toward the cancellation percentage that you see on the Uber pro program he did the math and came back to me and said hence the reason you have 3% cancellation is you had 37 cancellations on 1200 rides over 90 days I laughed and said no that cannot be I have four that I have documented which were cancellations for no valid reason he said I had 37 total and that’s what they count for the percentage of uber pro just passing along what was given directly to me by Uber tech-support. Based on statements and data I’ve seen from other drivers and my own personal tracking

UberPro does not matter to me because, as a mostly overnight driver, my canx rate is never below 10%. I do not believe what you were told about surges.

This is Uber’s game. They don’t care about the long pickups, the non-profit trips, or the illegal rides. They want you to accept every request, and complete every request regardless of the situation. They handcuff all of you in hopes that you’ll make an extra 6%. Ok, that’s an extra $0.06 for every dollar. Make your money YOUR WAY, and don’t play Uber’s games

Actually, it doesn’t matter if it took you 30 or 3 minutes to make a pickup. The 1 minute drive that you did for $3.00 actually puts your hourly rate at $180.00 per hour. But we all know not to look at this as an hourly pay job, but as an average per trip business.

boat lift in Huber if you were sleep which I know because I’ve done it will log you off in your writing will drop after so many attempts to get you the acceptance one thing about Lyft is that he would know it it’ll we send it to you over and over and over again huber might do the same thing to

Declining and ignoring amount to the same thing. It’s cancellation that counts. Meaning you accept it then don’t complete it for whatever reason.

ok gotcha. So if I cancel due to other reasons after I get to pick up. But no show pax wouldn’t affect me if I cancel for that reason correct?

no they are both cancellations in the end and show up in your stats. Declining does not because you haven’t said you will do be the ride

I went to pick up an under aged passanger a couple weeks ago. When i saw he wss under age i told him no ride from me. He put on this has never happened before act. I cancelled tyhe ride from my end, reason: underage passanger. I MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!

Uber would not pay me a cancellation fee … even though I drove to the house and vetted the account they issued. I should have required the passanger to cancel or waited until the 5 minute$ ran out, then hit for a no show fee. Let them call uber a explain how an uber driver would not pick up an unaccompanied assanger.