The best you can do in terms of ratings


(Brendan Halai) #1

Show up with a clean car, don’t be a bag, and be pleasant while giving a safe ride. That is the best you can do in terms of ratings. But if you can educate your paxs on how the rating system works, that’ll help you a lot. Remember 5 stars means the driver and the ride were awesome. Four stars means fire this driver immediately. Educate your paxs on that fact and your ratings will be just fine.

(Kimberly Nelson) #2

If you wear a khaki shorts and a polo shirt, you’ll be fine. Just don’t be a slob, don’t wear torn shirts and no offensive graphics. Don’t worry too much about ratings, they will get screwed up anyway

(Maurice Nixon) #3

Ratings are way over blown… by passengers and by the driver. It would be better just to have a complaint or comment system, rather than just a simplified rating system.

(Lisa Markee) #4

In Seattle, I wear hoodie and good jeans or t-shirt and good jeans. I imagine this would be totally fine in most US cities, but especially in Seattle and Portland.

(Snyder Reed) #5

I think that would be good, I don’t think what you wear really matters that much. I always wore jeans and a short-sleeve button down shirt, that’s what I’m comfortable in. I’d say anything with a collar is good.

(John Paul) #6

Once when talking to a cop about uber, he said that cab drivers in my county have to wear collared shirts, I never heard that before but figured it was a good rule of thumb.

(Eric Moore) #7

Do you by chance know a guy driving a 5-Series BMW in the Tacoma area? Was just there the other weekend and couldn’t believe his car, it killed me that he was on X (no Select/Plus in the Seattle market). Really nice guy, too.

(Jeremy Mwan) #8

I’m in SoCal. I always wear jeans (clean, no holes) and either a polo-type shirt, short sleeve button down shirt, or a striped t-shirt. In the summer, I may wear some decent surf shorts, but will probably go with khaki pants or jeans.

(Malcom Max) #9

I wear shorts and a polo with black sneakers and socks every day I drive here in Phoenix. have a 4.83 rating with 500 uber trips

(Hammad Riggs) #10

Just getting hooked up with Uber to supplement my income . Some of the income reported on the blogs is pretty high. Is it anyway realistic for Portland Oregon? Is downtown the best place to hang and wait? If I want to wk about 20 hours /wk what are the most productive hours/days? how much is realistic for 8 hrs in Portland OR?

(Melinda Foster) #11

Yep, 4 stars in the rest of the free world means it was pretty darn good! I’ve never been disappointed at a 4 star restaurant.

(Jose Hernandez) #12

The best hours to work are definitely LATE thurs/fri/sat. nights. I have been working a combination of 9PM-3AM those nights only, and averaging $35/hour GROSS. Also, check flypdx dod com for busies incoming flight hours and work the airport.

(Hassan) #13

But remember, the most you’re ever going to mske driving for Uber is $12 to $14 net, and those shifts are rare indeed.

(Audrina Jameson) #14

Hey that’s only in way south phoenix, where the billboards are no longer in English. Otherwise I only wear jeans, tshirt and vans. I also only work at night in the entertainment districts

(Davidson Mark) #15

Now that we are meeting each other in the common airport holding area, I have noticed some San Diego Uber drivers look like skid row bums. I saw a driver in a t-shirt complete with holes, dirty gray sweat pants (baggy and dirty in the ass area) and worn out sneakers with no socks.
No wonder PAX comment on my clothes and car…