The 7 Super Uber Services You Might Not Know Exist

Uber. The promise of it was nearly limitless.

It started in 2009 as an UberCab with a simple, smart business model—transporting a passenger in a comfortable car using an app. But it snowballed into a billion-dollar company, innovating into a host of other services.

You may know the UberCab of old. You may know UberEATS. You may now UberHOP. But do you know UberCHOPPER, UberSELECT, or UberPOOL?

This article works you through seven Uber services that you may not have heard of but exists to change our lives…for good.

1. UberRUSH

As part of Uber's growth strategy, the company has added another service in the sea of its other services to serve its customers better.

This is called Uber RUSH.

UberRUSH is a delivery service. The company allows its driver-partners to transport people, goods, and items: packages, books, parcels, passengers, and even food items from one location to the other. An individual from California can have his brown envelope or lunch delivered to them via Uber Rush within minutes without contacting AmazonFlex or any other delivery service companies in the city.

UberRUSH integrates with e-commerce companies like Shopify and Bigcommerce so you can pick your deliveries without compromising your daily operations.

Uber wants to be all-encompassing in the delivery space – helping its customers not only with a cab service but anything that requires logistics and beyond. How: Anyone can join this service. If you're an Uber driver, you can simply apply by sending an email to the company's support department and ask to join.

If not, you can apply directly from the Uber Rush website. It's simple to join.

2. UberLUX

If you want a better riding option, you can still turn to Uber.

Not just because its ride-hailing service is one of the best, but also because it has UberLUX, a luxury car service for special occasions. Think of it as a First Class service of an airplane. UberLUX offers this VIP treatment to anyone who opts for it, ensuring that its customers enjoy the most luxurious experience out of their rides.

This is a perfect option for someone who is celebrating an occasion: a married couple on a honeymoon, a birthday girl, or happy folks celebrating an anniversary and want to make it memorable.

The luxurious cars, professional drivers, and stylish experience that UberLUX feature, is a perfect choice to help you celebrate your special occasion.

You can ride in an UberLUX by simply:

  • Requesting an UberLUX car inside your Uber app.
  • Confirm your request (ensure that the car at your doorstep is exactly what you have requested in the app).
  • Ride with style in your UberLUX

And enjoy every moment of it…

3. UberTEEN

The large population of teenagers constitutes the growing demographic of millennials—the most important demographic in our times today, especially when it comes to building our businesses.

Born between 1980 and 2000, these Generation Y kids are young, smart, and digital. And they can make or break your product. That's one of the core reasons why UberTEEN caters to them. Rather than sidelined them, UberTEEN allows teenagers to ride with Uber (using an adult profile of a family member).

Once a teen has an Uber app connected with a Family profile, they can go out in an Uber ride any time of the day and pay the transportation fare with the Family Profile option as the payment method, allowing the company to serve the millennials in order to patronize their services.

4. UberBIKE

How do you transport your bike, safely and securely, to your destination? How do you do that with Uber?

Use Uber vehicles that have a bike rack. Some UberX or XL cars can transport bikes, and they can do so comfortably because they have a bike rack that can pick your bike easily. The flat fee of $5 is such a tiny additional for such service, to the normal rate of Uber X and XL fares.

It's important for Uber to add this service to its app. This is because bikers who must travel with their bikes can have a service that can cater to their needs without breaking the bank.

5. UberWAV

Call it Uber for special needs…

The UberWAV is a service meant to cater for disabled passengers. The WAV stands for Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle, and it's meant to serve wheelchair-bound passengers. It's a safe, secure, and smooth ride for people with disabilities, people who use scooters or wheelchairs in their lives.

The experience is also great. Because for drivers to start using UberWAV, they must be certified by CTAA to ensure that riders are securely driving to their destination. And the fare price is not something you'll struggle with.

It's compared to the cost of Uber X price. So, whenever you want to go out on an UberWAV, just select the feature and drive safely to your destination.

6. UberPOOL

The sharing economy exists not just to share rides and make money. They exist to share rides with strangers together, split the cost, and make life better.

When you're going to your destination, as a rider, you can choose to go with another passenger going the same direction. UberPOOL helps you in this. It does so by matching you with the rider going the same direction as you.

But why would you choose to ride with a stranger? Why not go alone, comfortably, in your Uber car? The main goal or purpose of going with another passenger is so you can share the trip and the transport fare. So that you can save more without compromising your time or trip experience.

The maximum riders you can go with is two. And you have nothing to lose. You can ride with UberPOOL by simply selecting the feature in your Uber app. It's a no-brainer instruction there to follow…

7. Uber Español

You're Spanish.

You're new in an English-speaking country.

And you want to go to the town, explore the city's beauty, enjoy a better experience.

What a better way than to do it with Uber Español, an Uber driver service that operates with only Spanish-speaking UberX drivers.

The aim is to cater for Spanish-speaking riders so that they can have a more personalized rider experience taking by a driver that speaks their mother tongue. The fare for this service is as the same as the UberX service, and it's available in most California cities and Chicago. If you speak Spanish, you can email support and ask to join.