That friendly gesture at the end might give you that 4 into a 5 star review

I do bottle water (polar springs 8oz), gum (dollar tree) and in the winter, (dollar tree) ind. tissues packs (10 for a $1). Charging station other than an old iphone. Just be friendly, you will know if a passenger wants to talk or not within the first minute. If you make a wrong turn, let them know what’s going on. If you apologize for your error most people are OK with that.

Honestly my ex-military politeness and well kept vehicle has gotten me far more than water and candy ever did. Hell, I’ve offered people stuff only to have them leave the trash behind, and then the next PAX asks me what’s up with my dirty car.

My buds who drive as well say the same, offering stuff like that bites you in the ass more often than not. I don’t carry water, but don’t advertise it. I will, however, offer it up to people I think might be puke hazards.

I swear 90% of you are the most depressing bunch of people I have ever been around. I am a business owner that operates 9 months a year. Uber is something to do the other 3 months of the year.

Having ran my business for 15 years, my goals, energy, drive etc have never changed. You can call it new excitement or whatever you wish. I call it going the extra mile by doing more than what is just average.

I may only jave 500 rides under my belt, but regardless of my job, I yake pride in it. I may just be an uber driver, however, I strive to be the bedt damn uber driver in my city. You guys stick to your pajamas, sandals, tank tops, etc if you want. I prefer to take the high ride.

Beyond the snacks I do second the idea of being able to be a favorite driver. Its incentive as drivers to do better. Plus all you complaining about the influx of shitty drivers this would be a way to overcome that major complaint

The idea of giving food while driving someone is mind blowing to me…water can be needed for various reasons, although I stopped carrying it/giving it away because of the trash aspect/ leaving half empty bottles (sometimes cap put back on) in the back…just overall silliness of giving anything away at these rates other then a ride is crazy

Great attitude … wrong company to sub for. You will make more working for a taxi company or as a hotel doorman. Keep up the great work ethic!!

Would pax get irritated if their ‘fav’ drivers are ‘NEVER’ online when desired? I am with the first reply, keep it simple. Be the closest to them when they request. Simple.

I might have to call BS on “pax hand me tip at beginning of trip” I have a basket full of candy and goodies and I’ve done over 1200 trips now and not ONCE has a pax handed me a tip prior to ride completion.

Dude, this is not prostitution! Your job is to drive a person to their destination.
I wouldn’t request a particular driver who might very well be further than 20 other drivers just because I want candy. Also you shouldn’t be willing to drive too far because you are somebody’s favourite chauffeur. Will that make you proud of yourself?

No but when there are 10 drivers sitting around waiting on a ping and someone who prefers me as their driver can do so then sure I want that. If that means I can get a few more rides from someone both ways, absolutely! And the driver has the opportunity to accept the ping just as normal. So if they are too far, you can reject.

I don’t even carry an AUX cord and there are some drivers who offer water and snacks. When you offer stuff like that it means your not worthy to be a driver, I have survived for 2 years with no water,snacks, Aux cord and a car that hasn’t been vacuumed or washed in weeks, all you gotta do is be nice (not overly nice) and most people will rate you 5 stars, if you offer all that premium shit your building them up to be assholes to the next driver who doesn’t offer it.