Thanksgiving week was not great. 31 trips

$387 total (including quite a bit of promotion $$). Only $7 in tips (only 3 tips total). I usually get tips about 30% of the time. Car is clean 75% of drivers complimented my car). Safe, friendly driver. Has anyone else seen tips fall off? Denver, Uber.

AGREED. For me, it was sporadic, short rides, and many many “you’re great, I’m going to tip you for working on this holiday” = $00 tip. Orlando driver

well Detroit was not goog did better last year according to my books to many drivers in the market\

I normally make $20 -$30 per hour. This is $17.20. I spent a lot of time sitting. Too many drivers on the road.

worked fri and sat afternoons could have been better on friday as i wound up being stuck on a run that should have been 25min and took over a hour due to black friday traffic trying to get into a mall .Most dont tip but 2 of my small runs gave me 2.00 tips on sat . MY last run friday was a train station to hotel 10 mile trip asked to stop get some booze no tip

Went out 3 days. $450. incl. 10% tips, no surges.
Lots of short rides mixed with really good long ones.
Tampa Bay Area. Airport was actually slow till Sunday afternoon.

People have family in for they holiday so no need to uber and lyft. Always slow for me during a holiday.

I work a few hours in the evening during the week as I have the urge and then I work Friday and Saturday from around 7pm until 4-5am both nights

That was in Madison Wisconsin. Wed was only 9 trips Fri was 20 and sat was 31 sun was just after the 4am reset and was 1 trip.

I worked tues,wed,fri & sat.
I worked 34 hours and did 67 trips!!
I had a bangin week!!!

Weekend sucked in Charleston SC! Some drivers worked the day before thanksgiving and did make squat! Is it the money issue? Aka economy. Is this the way Christmas is going to go? :woman_shrugging:t3:

I worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Made a little over $1,000 in Los Angeles. And $46 of that is tips. I got NO tips on thanksgiving. And none last year on Christmas day.

Great responses! The problem in Denver wasn’t lack of riders. So many drivers!!!

Welcome to how my college town is I work Uber’s Lyft in is on a WEEKIY basis. What you brought in is what some of us smaller city drivers bring in during a “busy” week.

Had it not been for a puker, 2 lost cell phones, and a lost wallet, it would’ve been horrible here too. I did work on Thanksgiving… Just NO rides for black Friday.