Thanks to my dash cam the falcon 360 I am now able to go back online

Take passengers to and from their destinations are because in passenger decided that they wanted to accuse me of violating federal law and not allowing a service animal to ride in my car when in fact it was clearly a pet and the passenger even asks if she allowed in? It took a day and a half for Uber to get to the bottom of their investigation but they got to the bottom of it and have dealt with it.

service animals are required to be registered, at least in ohio. .i would have simply asked to see the paperwork.

It’s a federal law, not a state law. And, you are NOT allowed to ask them for paperwork, at all. You’re allowed to ask if it’s a service animal and you can also ask them what tasks they are trained to do and that’s it. I suggest you read up on the law and get familiar with it.

The second part is incorrect you are not allowed to ask him what tasks they are allowed to do or trying to do. You can only ask is that a service animal to help mitigate a disability if the answer is yes you cannot ask any further questions otherwise you open yourself to a lawsuit. I would advise you to also advise you to get to know federal law.

Good for you. I’m glad things worked in your favor. I really think uber should compensate us drivers in cases like this where passengers accuse us of something that removes us from being able to driver for a period of time (similar to a cleaning fee) where is it found the accusation was false

I had a dash cam rolling in my car at the time the customer climbed in.
Below is a transcript of how it played out.

Me: Oh you have an animal.
Customer: yes, is she allowed?
Me: sir pets are not allowed in Uber vehicles (at this point if this animal was a legitimate service animal the handler would have responded with this is not a pet this is a service dog)
customer: oh OK.(The customer then climbed out of the car and canceled the trip) then turning around and reported me to Uber at the advice of another Uber driver. I then had to spend a day and a half calling of the incident response team to find out how to upload my dash cam footage of the incident let alone to figure out what I was the owner just to get it for so that I could find the video of the incident and upload it to them once I uploaded the video within two hours I was cleared.

Actually, pets are allowed in Ubers. It’s up to you weather or not you want to let them in your car. I have no problems with animals in my car and keep a blanket in my trunk for them to sit on.

All your allowed to ask is if it’s a service dog and if it it’s then what service does it provide. Look up rules buy the Ada. I used to have a service dog. I know everything there is to know.

If they tell me it’s a service animal I take thier word for it. If they tell me it’s a service animal I take thier word for it

I would rather have a dog in my car than some people. I keep a beach towel in my car just in case, as I have leather seats.

Elaborate because what I found in the ADA website says the same thing as what Uber instructs their drivers to ask.

Could be a.comfort animal.I had a woman once with a little shitzu…she told me a story about an Uber driver that refused her.After a perfect ride from out in the sticks to my service area.tirns out she had PTSD. And the dog was an important part of her well being
Animals are better than some pax.