Thank the cell jammers

So not sure if 100% about this. I believe people are using cellphone jammers in IAH that blocks T-Mobile mostly since it’s the most used. But thanks to them because it work to my advantage. I was 31-40 watching YouTube all the sudden it stop working my internet is down. I left the staging area by the second U turn I got a ping. So when you guys notice your T-Mobile is down. Leave the staging area you’ll get bump down.

It’s been happening more now as well! Now that the lot can accommodate more drivers. It happened 3/4 times yesterday as I was there and wanted to check things out after dropping a passenger off at terminal c.

No jammers man,i used to use T-Mobile three years ago in the TNC and this problem was since then.Switch to another carrier or you will continue suffering.
BTW T-Mobile coverage is the worse between all the carriers.

The thing there is it doesn’t happen where we wait… you know what spot that is Michele. Near the samosa food truck :laughing:

Wait a minute, I see where you are going with this. :laughing: I’m not the jammer here hahaha that almost pass by me for a second there bud.

Why blame some mystical force or jammers in obvious things… T-Mobile sucks… I’ve been using it for a while and always had trouble in the TNC area… switched to Cricket-better deal good coverage…

Like what I said I’m not 100% about that. But that doesn’t explain why I get bump down every time it happens.

I’ve called T-Mobile numerous times they’ll always find excuses about some issues that they’re working in that area… I called it :poop: and gave up

I’m not going to TNC Iah area anymore, today lost 3hrs from 5:30am to 8am waiting for a ping. BS. Something is happening there

Well I have to say something was def up the other night. I usually dont wait too long in the last hours of airport…but could not get another ping until 5am. Was crazy.

I dont bother with the daytime queue it’s too long. I never wait more then an hour at the times I go to the airport…so having to wait until 5 am was really unusual for me.

I believe it. I never had issues until today when some guys walked by for no reason. My phone damn near turned off & I couldn’t see where I was in the que.

Hey to the person using the jamming device if you are part of the group pm me. I wanna buy you a beer or 2. Thanks for the pings. 81-90 I got a ping came back 51-60 got a ping. Thanks bud

Cell phone jamming equipment is illegal. Anyone caught with one will face a fine and/or jail time.…/jamming-cell-phones-and-gps…

I know it’s illegal but somebody is using it at the tnc lot I believe so instead of hating that person I use it to my advantage. The moment when my phone stop receiving signal I leave the lot and watch my queue go down. I watch YouTube videos once the buffering stop for no apparent reason. I go to my search engine check if I have internet if the internet is not working now I know somebody activated their jamming device. So I make that u turn by Will Clayton by the 2nd u turn I see my queue go down by the 4th u turn sometimes I get a ping.