Tell me your best Uber story

I’ve been driving for Uber and Lyft for a year now and I still dread the question, what’s your best Uber story. I forget all my other stories, kind of like I can’t even remember a good joke. So I have decided to borrow somebody else’s. And make it good. Thanks for sharing!

Once someone told me they were going to tip in the app and then they actually did! just say you drove Barack Obama or tiger woods to a golf tournament and they didn’t tip

Having a drunk old lady scream she loves me from outside my car, after giving me a $20 tip for a 2 minute drive lol

One time i accepted an uber request and it was…get this…more than$3.60…lol…i was amazed…

Where are you? I am in the 200 block of Linden and I do not see you? Jack: I am by the yellow truck. Jack there is no yellow truck here. What else are you near? Jack: El Pollo Loco. Jack we do not have El Pollo Loco in Colorado. What else are you near? Jack: NB Brewery. OK, I will come pick you up. So now I tell my area drivers when a drunk rider tells you they are on Linden near El Pollo Loco they are more than likely by the restaurant El Burrito! LOL

Actually there used to be an El Pollo Loco on South Federal, near Abraham Lincoln HS! But it’s been gone for a while. Bummer – I now live in that area and would be able to eat there!

Picked up a drunk guy from a strip club. He started talking religion and broke down in tears when he started talking about the pope. Luckily I had tissues in the door pocket.

I had this elderly gentleman have me turn up Brittney Spears music and we had a dance party. He reminded me of the old boner guy from the movie Road Trip. It was an amazing time.

I’ve had at least a dozen. I do carry bags though and everyone has made it in the bag. I work in a college town and often at night.

I’ve been driving for 2.5 years, i strictly drive nights and never drive away from potential pukers. I actually get excited when i see one coming. First car I didn’t know how to clean them properly and never fully got the smell out. Now I’m a master and cant even tell. It’s about being prepared and appropriate seat covers if you have cloth interior. I littierally spent 700 on leather seat covers. Makes clean up a sinch. Rubber floor mats, and an emergency kit for clean up at all times.

to treat on the spot is baking soda, neutralizes the acid in vomit and soaks up liquid before it penetrates the fabric. It also soaks up odor. I have gloves to remove heavy material then goto town with baking soda. If you still have odor remaining follow up with natures miracle and carpet clean (assuming u have it) with pet stain remover formula. Works like a champ and makes your car smell great again.

i picked up this drunk guy and a girl he met that night at a bar, and drove them to a motel. when we got there, the drunk guy saw his girfriend walking out of the motel with a black guy.

I’ve been a getaway driver 4 times, I’ve had 3 pukers, but my favorite is when the guy i was waiting on came running top speed out of his house, followed by a very angry girl, lost one of his shoes in the yard, which she picked up, jumped in my backseat, she followed and started beating the hell out of the guy with his own shoe. When i screamed ast them both to take the fight outside, she pulled a $50.00 bill from her pocket and said give me 60 more seconds and threw the bill into the front seat and proceeded to continue to beat him with his shoe. I habe absolutely no clue what the poor guy did lmao

I always say that I don’t have any good stories because the people I drive are normal. They usually just laugh and move on with their lives and it makes my life easier. Haha.

Preface: I’m a music teacher, singer, and love musical theatre. I had two couples getting into the car – we were waiting on the last one because he was still paying. I asked (based on what they were saying as they got in) if they were visiting. One man said he was local, but the other two were from (singing) O--------. Well, any musical theatre buff knows what that is (O--------klahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…) – so I sang along, and even finished the phrase after him. Big smiles and fist bumps saying “We got the right Lyft driver!!!” We sang and laughed the entire way to their destinations – sadly only about 15 minutes way. Best ride ever. :slight_smile:

i picked up a passenger named khamotal. But the GPS said make a left and then drop off camel toe😂

I was asked to be a getaway driver by a chic that thinks she could be a good serial killer and get away with it.

Crazy Ex husband tried to rip a woman out of my car and beat her. I confronted him, he started swinging, and I knocked his ass out stiff. The sharif was chuckling when he found out what I do for my real job.

I once drove a pregnant woman in labor and her husband to the hospital.

Throughout the entire ride she was in terrible pain. Her husband tried to comfort her.

I just felt so helpless. I tried to get them there as quickly as possible.

I dropped them in front of the emergency entrance and literally one second later, her water broke.

There was a huge puddle of water one inch from my car.

Her husband ran to get a wheel chair leaving her with me. I got out the car wondering how I can help.

Luckily, he came right back with a wheel chair and emergency personnel.

I kept thinking if I had delayed for like 2 or 3 seconds her water would have broken inside my car.