Taxis are more expensive and they do not provide water, candy or chargers

My radio stays on the station I pick unless they ask to change it. I do NOT spend a dime on water, or any freebies. No way! I mean for God’s sake some of the Uberx rides are $2.50. Uber needs to get serious about their minimum charges. Anyway. I don’t on doors, I don’t give freebies. I do offer Uber Select so I’ve got a decent car and I do keep it absolutely immaculate.

How do your ratings compare to your cancellations? In other words, what is your rating now? Will pulling it up keep people from cancelling on you?

My rating is a 4.8 , they are not cancelling due to my rating that I know of. My cancel percent they said was 15.4%. I do drive a brand new Buick , maybe these people just don’t know how nice the new Buick’s are yet.

I get a lot of surprised people in my car who can’t believe it’s a Buick, also a lot of references towards the commercials lol. There is no reason for any of these customers to complain.

Let me get this straight, the only cancels that you do are rider no shows that you receive money for and uber sent you a text warning you specifically of too many cancellations? Something to the effect of “our records indicate that you have significantly more cancels than other partners…”.

My wife suggested I change my Uber photo after she saw it. I took her advice and I did get less cancellations so I would say to go in and have Uber take a better, (recent), picture. Can’t hurt if your current one looks like a guy at Alcatraz.

Head shot only, no one else in the pic, no sunglasses. I had one with my wife and I and people commented on it often. The women said it made them more comfortable. Uber saw it at some point and axed it.

No one has once since I have been driving asked for a charger, figured they didn’t care. At least now I can offer.

Either way. I hated my original picture, I have hated my license picture since I took it lol. At least I can live with the new one

I wear jeans, black tshirt and don’t stink. I don’t dress for cheap ass Uber X riders or even my Uber Select rides. I don’t open door give freebies or change my radio station. I certainly do not provide chargers or radio inputs.

Give me a break. HELLO? we are cheaper than cabs and u til cabs offer all that and cheaper rates our advantages are price, speed of service and anonymity…when Uber ups the minimum charges and gets real on pricing then maybe I’ll offer a perk or two but until then…

Unfortunately for me, even though it is just extra income, I take pride in my ratings, even if it’s just for me. Most of my work experience is in the service industry. So going above and beyond has been burned into my brain lol.

After I received the email and talked to Uber. They said just try to do anything you can to avoid cancels. Well… That night, I had 2 completed rides and 4 cancels… I immediately got on Uber chat at the end of the night and as they could see they were all on the customers end, I went into as much detail as possible on each cancel.

I’m still activated, so I don’t care enough to drive to Chicago to talk to them. I just was curious about this email back I received. Seems pretty odd that customer cancels have anything to do with my actual acceptance rate.