Taxi drivers really hate Uber drivers


(Allicia Lopez) #1

I’ve had at least 2 passengers tell me that taxi drivers hate Uber drivers ! One even said the taxi driver told them he’ll run em off the road.

That’s why I’ve personally chosen not to have Uber Stickers/Lights etc. I’ll just avoid any chance of that I can.

(Jerry Hall) #2

My dad was a cab driver and said he doesn’t like that sometimes they may notice loss of fares at busy times but he also had a huge list of clientele that would use him as their personal driver

(Timothy Clark) #3

I’ve had one try to run me off the road. But needless to say I didn’t move and he ran out of lane :joy:. I’m not scared to wreck. Hell I’ve hit people on purpose

(Harris Frank) #4

If they ran me off the road, they better hope … no PRAY that I can’t get my hands on them! I’m not afraid to hit them physically!

(Eric Moore) #5

I feel sorry for taxi drivers and was one at one time. They’re slowly being phased out like pay phones.

(Jill Aron) #6

One Seek Taxi driver came up to me at the gas station and started asking me a bunch of questions about how Uber works. I don’t think a lot of them understand we can’t pick up pax randomly off the street or at the airports. He was fucking clueless.

(Jose Hernandez) #7

I live in VB too. 3 years never had an issue.

FYI- Virginia law requires you to have trade dress visible on your vehicle. The airports here also require trade dress to be visible. A citation would get you removed from the app because it’s company policy as well.

(Anderson Lee) #8

Best believe if a taxi driver ever tries that shit I will purposely let them crash Into me and than beat their fucking ass with the tire changer

(Kenneth Miller) #9

Yeah I’m not allowed to carry a weapon for reasons I can’t mention but anything can be used as one if u know what u doing

(Paul Garcia) #10

I know, I watched MacGyver too. That is why I always have chewing gum. Everything he made had gum in it

(David Smith) #11

Many Uber drivers are former taxi drivers. Some taxi drivers have the Uber driver app on their phones.

(Audrina Jameson) #12

Funny. When I was dropping a customer off at the San Diego Airport I had a taxi driver way me into the lane very respectfully. This was awesome to me. And I waved at him and then I went about my business. It was a very nice visit to the San Diego Airport.

(Peter Dave) #13

We have to have the trade dress in our window in my state, it’s the law. I feel bad for taxis too, but when they come at us personally, that’s wrong.

(Mitchel) #14

I drove past taxi drivers boycotting Uber/Lyft at the stadium. My passenger rolled down the window and gave them all the bird the entire time we were making the turn around them.