Switch to google maps

It finds new and better routes as you drive on the fly. You can also use the map to look for other/better routes when you stop at the light.

And yes, asking PAX if they know better routes helps both of you. Communication is the key.

And if they still get pissy, give them 1 star at the end of the trip, just dont let them see it. I turn my screen off before $$ comes up and wait for them to walk away. Then i turn the screen on, wait for $$ and rate them.

I don’t end the trip until they’ve closed the door and I’m pulling away. I’ve had people stand and chat with my doors open for 5-10mins, as far as I’m concerned I’m still on their dime.

They’ll knock off a star if you ask them for help. Waze should be giving the best routes. Sometimes it does weird things, that’s why I flip between both apps to compare directions and just use common sense. I’ll casually and politely inquire if I’m going the right way at strategic times, especially if I get the vibe that they want to tell me something. But do whatever works for you.

Great verbiage - I haven’t jumped on Waze yet, I’ll have to check it out. I find if you explain to pax what’s happening they’re more forgiving. For instance when I do airport runs there’s a spot where it seems I’m backtracking and I am for about 1/2 a block, but that half a block saves them about $7 on the fare.

I have learned from experience, that if i build a neutral and friendly rapport from the start, get a convo going that makes them talk for hours, PAX doesnt care if i miss the turn or make an illegal U turn.

I’m always baffled by straight people who claim to support gay marriage. I mean what is it to you? Gay issues are for gay people. What could you possibly know about their issues without being gay yourself?

I’d apply the same thing to black or any issues that I cannot personally relate with. So for the child example, I’ve been one before so I can relate to it.

I just find it extremely disingenuous to enthusiastically support something you cannot possibly relate to, which is what a lot of people are doing for homosexuals for some reason.

90% of the time I will ask pax if they have a preferred route, even if I have in my mind what the best route is. Let them think they know best, even if you know better.

One of the worst experiences I’ve had was when I asked a pax if they had a preferred route - they said no, so I used my best judgement and didn’t they getting pissed off and complain about the way I went. Always offer them the choice of choosing their inefficient route, and when they refuse and complain, immediately contact Uber at the end of the trip and let them know their was an issue with the trip.

Do you have real time traffic enabled in Waze or Gmaps?
Tell the passenger your checking the traffic and read thru the route preview so you have an idea of where/how your going. I dont use waze but Gmaps gives you at least 2 and mostly 3 route options in order of shortest time to longest time.

Any passenger in the city who is surprised about traffic in NYC is either from out of town or an idiot. When I get a traffic complainer I tell them “Yeah Im just like you. I drive in the city every day but every day, for some reason, I expect that TODAY there will be no traffic. Funny right? Im just overly optimistic I guess.” That quiets them down every time.

At some point or another we all have differences. So out of all the things people could support, why are so many running to the aid of gays now? The world is falling apart and this is what people choose to waste their time thinking about? Sounds like there’s a lot of CLOSEST homos who are afraid to join the gay community themselves. Maybe they should just come out of the closet if they really want to support them.

A GPS is like a calculator. It can get you into trouble if you don’t know how to do the calculations manually. Know why a address number is plotted where it is. Zoom out on your route and you might see if it is off. Like a calculator it can speed up calculations with fewer errors. A spelling error will send you in the wrong direction. Like a calculator, garbage in = garbage out. A slight error inputing error can put you off course.

We support the fact that gays should have the same rights as everyone else(parental, hospital, estate, etc…). We don’t have to be gay to support every human beings right to live their life.