Supermarket and mall pings

If you get a supermarket ping just try to get as close to the pin as possible without getting near the entrance. If you can burn 5 minutes without the pax spotting you or if they’re not checked out yet you can get that easy $4 cancel.
If they’re on the curb already waiting then just drive away and if they see you moving away on the pax ap they will typically cancel and Order another and it wont count against you .

If Uber ever sends you a notice about it just say your gps or cell service was spotty in the area and you were trying to move to get a signal to contact the “hard to find” pax but they cancelled before you could so you decided to move on but I’ve never had any notice so Uber on

Here’s the way I look at this. Ask yourself if the $6.39 trip would have been worth it without the groceries? If no, then you already have your answer. If yes, then how long did it take you to handle the bags? One minute? Thirty seconds? Is it the extra time involved that makes the trip no longer worth it? Or is it the feeling of being unappreciated?

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I avoid all grocery stores and shopping malls. NEVER a long trip, MOSTLY lots of bags to load/unload. Who would shop at a grocery store 15 miles from home with frozen items that would melt? Nobody. Grocery stores = Minimum fare rides with leaky bags… just keep driving.

Well sure. But we don’t base our helping someone on whether they’re going to thank us, do we? What if the next time she sees someone with groceries she passes on the trip, and it was someone who would have thanked her and given a $5 tip?

The majority of grocery store pickups I’ve made have been employees on their way home from work. I’ve had one guy with about eight bags. He put them in the back, then took them right out of the back when we got to his destination. It was a piece of cake. No more trouble than a rider with a suitcase.

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Yeah, I think the pax would be a little better there on average than Walmart, but unless they are smart and take bags with them or ask for boxes in the store (you CAN do that) it’s gonna be a bunch of loose crap OR big (possibly heavy) items, or both.

True for grocery stores, if it’s a shopper, then it’s probably a fairly short trip. I get a lot of employee trips from grocery stores though, and sometimes people who stop at the store before going to work, just using it as an easy pick up spot.

Not so true for malls, I usually get long runs from malls. It helps that all the good malls in town have moved to the outskirts. I also generally only get a couple of bags from mall shoppers, never gotten the occasional full trunk that I can get from grocery stores.

The thing with Costco is that nothing is put into bags or boxes. Everything is loose - meat, cartons of eggs, boxes of cereal. Everything has to be picked up and moved individually.

You are under NO obligation to load/unload groceries for NO PAY. You should at least start the trip as soon as the customer asks for help and refuse to end the trip until they have all their crap out of your car. If they complain, politely say "I only have insurance for you and your items during the trip.

It’s actually illegal to end the trip before you and your things are out of the car." Then rate them poorly and note their name. You should be shit rating anyone who fails to tip you for completing extras like handling their damn bags and listening to their cheap butt complaints about when you started or ended the trip.

It’s case by case. I will stay away from the ping but call the pax to see where they are. if they have a cart of groceries I cancel. it is just a employee getting off of work I pick then up.

There is absolutely no reason to be on when near a Costco. You are making less than $10 an hour if they hablive no purchases. It’s Uber’s fault not yours. If they left their opinion concerning tips to themselves the pax would tip enerously for providing outstanding Uber service.

I call and ask if they have any large items under the pretense that I want to make sure it will fit. Hopefully they tell me they’re an employee going home so no bags. I also ask the destination “so I can put it in my gps”. If it’s an employee going on a decent trip then I’ll confirm they are outside waiting and go get them. Shoppers it’s case by case.