Stupid entitled people and they're not my first stupid ass pax today


(Laura Lee) #1

Pissed tf off. I get a ride on Mclendon by the music festival. Pax stops me in the middle of the street opens my front and back door. People start climbing in and I ask how many are riding. They won’t answer me then as most of them are in the car I tell them I can’t take all of you. These white people insist I take them, won’t get out, I’m blocking traffic. Two people in my front seat, five in the back. I tell them you’re forcing me to do something illegal and there’s cops everywhere. Pax tells me oh it’s ok you’ll just get a ticket. I said uh what makes you think I want to pay a ticket for you?! He tells me he would pay it. They keep talking about how pissed off I look. Drop them less than a mile and he gave me a $20 tip. Gave them a bad rating anyway.

(Abel) #2

Turn that car off. Take the key out. You get out with your phone. Call the cops. Also, my doors stay locked until I’m ready to let them in.

(Chris Stipe) #3

I had 10 people pile in my SUV at once in Athens one night. I cracked the whip really quick and the extras got out, or so I thought. One had jumped over the third row into the cargo space and I didn’t realize it until we arrived. :grimacing::grimacing:

(Marsha_Smith) #4

After they refused to get out they were going not even a mile, traffic and people everywhere for the festival so I couldn’t even pull to the side of the road.

(Jeremy Mwan) #5

They sound like the college kids I deal with. I’m going to be ready for them. I’ve made signs I’ll be posting in the fall. I can’t stand them and they cheap as hell.

(Cody Parker) #6

Sounds great but they pulled a bitch move on you. You have to put your foot down because although the young 20 sounds good the extra shit will have a bad result

(Brahim Decker) #7

Yep and I’ve been enforcing them to call an extra Uber. They know better and I’m not trying to tear my car up and it causes major wear and tear

(Garrent George) #8

Traffic or not, shut the car off, take the keys out, roll down the windows, step out the car and tell them to get their cheap asses out of your car. To hell with the traffic around you. 1) your potential ticket would cost more than that trip 2) if a car accident happens in your car you’ll be done with Rideshare AND probably stuck with their potential medical bills since you’re liable AND now your future insurance is sky high. Is all that worth a $3 ride?

(Christian Odom) #9

This has happened to me in Buckhead. 7 ppl in my car, on a pool! I couldn’t cancel because I was matched to pick someone else up! No tip of courses ! Next time a group tried that on me I refused and they were trying to convince me and I said y’all aren’t gonna pay my ticket ?! And they surely said no so I said quit being cheap and order uber XL and they start cussing me out. I cancel, they reorder a pool this time . I see them all laughing and I didn’t accept that shit ! Jokes on them !

(Lisa Markee) #10

I had this happen on Lyft with a Premiere customer. When I arrived there were 5 of them and my car only seats 5. The customer said: " let’s see, how can we make this work? I replied " We can’t, order a larger vehicle " and I cancelled the ride.

(Jack Dolen) #11

BUT WHY DID YOU TAKE THEM?!?! Especially when they clearly give zero fucks about your OR your car Always keep your doors locked until you observe your customer .

(Mark Moore) #12

Noooooooooooooo baaaaaabbbbbbyyyyy… First keep your doors locked and verify thru the window who the ride is for…make them say the name… Then tell them you can only take 4… And forget traffic… We not moving until you get out of the car…and if they continue to refuse get out of the car. I hate shit like this because they would not have don’t this to a man. Cause when I turn around and say get out of my car…there are never any questions at all…they exit quickly cause from the look on my face, they know the next thing won’t be words…I ont fuck wit disrespectful ass PAX that way. Pricks

(Kelly Hector) #13

Here, we have a rare instance of something good from the group lol. You learned from it and will do better next time. I understand it all “happening so fast,” but you’ll be better prepared next time.

(Bector Ernest) #14
  1. they aren’t going to pay your ticket

  2. why did you unlock your doors before talking to them and seeing who you were about to transport?

Danika: it can work. Take 3, go back for the other 2, meter keeps running. :wink: