Strip clubs will pay bounties for Uber drop offs

Saw a comment about strip clubs and it prompted me to make this post: Do you guys know that a lot of strip clubs will pay bounties for Uber drop offs? Most of the strip clubs in my market pay anywhere from $5-$20 per head each time you drop. Some clubs you need to check with the valet, others you need to go in and see the person working the door. Just tell them you are an Uber driver and you just dropped off X amount of people and they’ll hand you cash. Good strategy is to figure out which clubs pay more and when you have pax that want to go to one of the lower paying ones, tell them it sucks and try to to convince them to go to the one that pays more. Also, when I drop, I always ask if they have free or discount passes to give out. That helps when trying to steer them to the higher paying ones of you offer them passes. It’s also a guaranteed five stars if you give them passes.

Hey don’t forget about the “massage parlors” or the bath houses. Those pay more!

Free passes Also bring big tips. Think about a car of 4 dudes. $10 fare, $20 tip, and $80 bounty. That’s $110 on ONE trip. Everyone’s happy

None of my riders are looking for strip clubs. They’re looking for the airport, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, The Grove…The beach…

Why do they do that? It’s not like we choose where to bring the pax. I’m confused as to why they would give uber drivers money.

They also Pay limousine drivers taxi drivers just dropping off people there at strip clubs we have a few in Philly that will pay I got four people one time $20

We DO choose where we bring them. Out of towners always ask, “what’s the best strip club?” I take them to the highest bidder. That puts asses in their seats, and money in their girls’ g-strings

Oh, I’ve just never once gotten a pax get in my car, swiped start ride, and have it be blank. Riders can request an uber with no destination?

No, back in the old days they could. Now they’ll put in one of our nationally recognized strip clubs, but I’ll change their minds with free passes to a different establishment that will pay me $20/person

Damn. I gotta find out if clubs in Portland Oregon do that. We do have more strip clubs than we do grocery stores so I would t be surprised.

Whatever Manuel, I still choose where I want to take them.

And actually yes there is a way to skip the destination now.

They’ve been doing it for a long time. I doubt most know that a destination is required now. But just like I said, the higher bounties are an incentive to convince them to go to a different club than what they initially chose.

In truth, I really don’t care why they do it. Most of the strip clubs in my market offer a bounty…I’ll take it.

Also be aware that the club might not pay you after a particular time. They may not give you $ if the club is closing in 2 hrs and think the patrons are not worth the investment.

We have been doing this for years in Miami. Cheetah paid me $20 for a group of 5

Damn thats a good idea… im always getting asked where is a good strip club, restaurant, bar, ect ect… i should talk to these club owner

I respect the hustle, but I just can’t bring myself to beg some douchey strip club guy for money.

It’s not begging. You walk in, tell them how many people you dropped off, and they give you cash

If i walk in a strip club, that cash might end up in some nasty girls b-hole.