Strategy Every New Uber Rideshare Driver Should Follow

Uber is one of the most well-known rideshare platforms available today. But with time, as it gains popularity, the company is changing its policies and terms for their staff, thus making it difficult for them to make good money. But there are some tactics and strategies by which you can make the most out of your rideshare job. Whether you are thinking of joining Uber, or you have been working as a driver in Uber for quite some time, this article will help you improve your earnings as a rideshare driver, and allow you to make your job a lot easier and profitable.

The Sign-On Guarantee Policy

Back in the days when Uber started, they had a policy where they gave bonus money worth at least 1,000 to gain the attention of drivers and hire them because in those days the concept of ridesharing was not so common. But with time, as the number of ridesharing drivers became more and more abundant, the bonus amount decreased and became limited only to areas of high demand. The concept of the sign on bonus money has been replaced by a new policy, known as the sign on the guarantee.

As per this policy, once a driver has completed a specified number of journeys, he gets a guaranteed amount of money. It might seem catchy initially, but the truth is that the amount Uber gives is nothing special; normal driving can easily earn it. There have been cases when, for instance, a driver has been guaranteed an amount of $230 after the completion of 50 trips, but on the trips, he had already earned $460. So there is not much of a silver lining on this policy.

Confused Staff Support Unit

Not only the Sign On guarantee policy is profitless, but also the people working in the staff support unit are confused about the concept. As per a driver for Uber, he had asked Uber to clarify the bonus that he would be getting as mentioned in the welcome emails. But he later figured out that the money he thought to be a bonus was a guarantee, thus not making much difference on the total revenue he generated from his service. In the email he received, the sender had referred to the amount as a 'bonus' instead of a guarantee.

It would have been very profitable to have joined Uber in 2012. From a strategic point of view, it would also be a wise option to join now, considering the decreasing profit rate. So if you want to be a rideshare driver, don't wait long enough to worsen the scenario.

Use a referral code or link

The concept of referral code is very profitable. The company pays you extra if you use a referral code or link to join. Even if you did not use a code while joining, you could do so later. Just go to the 'Help' section in the Uber app; then navigate to 'Account', 'Help', 'Payments & Rewards', 'Driver Referrals', and finally 'Report a missing driver referral', and use a referral code.

Be aware of their terms and conditions

Before you take a decision, carefully go through the emails and invitations Uber sends you. Make sure to be able to differentiate between a guarantee and a bonus.

Take short trips

As the current policies of Uber do not promise you a bonus, instead gives you a guarantee of earning after a certain number of trips, you need to make the most out of it. Go for short rides. More rides you take, the quicker you will satisfy the guarantee period. Also, you will be saving your gas, time and other expenditures. To implement this strategy, try to avoid trips near the airport in the morning or trips from remotely accessible areas. Try to go for tours during the evening, and crowded places, where the passengers are mostly looking for shorter trips. This strategy mainly works if the guaranteed amount is significant. But if you calculate and realize that it is not much of a profit to implement this strategy, then don't go for it. Make sure you plan properly before going for any strategy in this business.

Alternate ways to make money

With time, drivers realize that they can increase their revenue by switching to some rideshare platforms, other than Uber.


Lyft has been gaining popularity lately. It is obvious in its terms and offers real bonuses to their drivers. The bonus amounts are around $100 to $500, depending on the location. If you want to make some quick cash and not to look for a permanent career as a rideshare driver, then Lyft is an excellent option.


UberEATS is a food delivery system by Uber. Ex drivers at Uber are sent invitations for participating in UberEATS. All you have to do is complete an online training course and select an insulated carry bag available at your local Uber Headquarter.


'Postmates' is a company that delivers goods to local destinations. It offers bonuses that are worth approximately $200 in most cities.


DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service which picks up food from restaurants. Unlike other rideshare companies, you get to decide which block you will be working in, and will not have to be in places on-demand. Also, there is a right amount of tip of the initial amount of compensation you receive. Just keep track of your incomes with DoorDash, and you will be making easy money in less time.

So if you are thinking of joining Uber, make sure that you are aware of the existing policies of the company. If you are currently working for Uber and are not entirely satisfied with your income, do not hesitate to look for something better. There are different possibilities out there. You need to keep your eyes open for them and make the best out of your work hours.