Stopped giving out water

I had a shift where it was just a string of people asking to take them as they were getting out of the car. Which is so ****ing rude because they were all getting out either at their home, or a bar/restaurant, both of which offer ****ing water.

That’s when I stopped putting water out.

When I first started my Uber career ,I had water and mints. Over time,I stopped providing them . I do open doors,load and unload luggage. My current rating as of last night is 4.91.

I was thinking about lacing the waters in the door with Ipecac syrup. This way if they took without asking they would get what they deserve. If they asked me for water, I would just say, don’t drink those in the door they are from the last client, let me get you some new ones.

I agree. If people want a drink, I’ll be more than happy to drive them to a watering hole. And if they’re dying for some gum or a mint, I’ll gladly drive them to 7-11. We’re drivers, not bartenders. I am always gracious, professional, and cordial which is likely why I currently rate a 4.96.

holy crap, 30 minutes is too long a time to spend on a pax who does not know how to use the app. I once had a guy who pinged me to his home address, wait 5 minutes, call him to find out he’s down the street. Go to that location, and he’s not there and supposedly at a 7-eleven down another street. I came to my senses and had to cancel on him, so that when he requests another car, hopefully he puts in the right address or location; it might be a jerk move on my part but it will ensure that he will learn from his mistake and not make future drivers jump through hoops to reach a pax.

Sent him this message! Customer service is important to keep people using the service.
“Here’s the note”
Sorry your Uber experience was less then ideal. As a Driver I strive to provide the very best level of service and apologize for not being able to provide that to you. If you feel like I did not meet your expectations or have concerns please contact Uber customer support.

What I hate the most is when people open the ****ing bottle and only take a sip, leaving a brand new bottle of purified potable water just waisted.

Irritates the crap outta me.

As an experiment, I started offering candy in my car. When I started to offer candy people would ask for water and other “freebies”. Needless to say, I’ve stopped offering everything, and no nobody asks me for anything lol. Now I just drive with a super clean car that smells nice, and everyone is happier for it.

Exactly!!! We’re drivers, not concessionaires. Show up well dressed with a car that’s clean inside and out, and has a clean aroma. Comport yourself professionally and you have just earned a solid 5. I don’t give out free crap and I’m currently at 4.97.

On my car, there’s 2 cupholders on the rear of the center console for the rear seat passengers. I have one bottle of water, and a half dozen wrapped mints in the other. Only once has a passenger taken a mint, and I’ve never had anyone yet take the water.

I refuse…( until summer anyway!) safe, clean, affordable, friendly ride is all you will get out of me! 4.76 ratting as we speak! no radio unless they ask, I have chargers if they ask, no mints no goodies. a lot of drivers just gont get the idea that they are talking themselves out of a better rating. 90% of the time they live in that phone and me and my car do not even exist for those minutes, yea its weird going on a 20 min quite ride, after the hellos and 15 sec. of small talk the shut up! don’t speak unless spoken to.

Why do some drivers feel they have to be refreshment concessionaires? We’re not making a lot of dough in the first place. At some point the pax has figure he’s being pumped

I had a bucket of mini Milky Way bars available for customers on Halloween, I think only half the pax took some. I ended up eating most of it myself just to get rid of it lol

Right now I just offer those 8oz mini Arrowhead bottles. 12-pack at Ralphs for under $4. I’d say one in every 3-4 people take them

This is a confusing thread. People putting bottled water out in the back seat for pax to take, then getting annoyed at pax who actually take them? If you don’t want pax to have them without asking you should be keeping them out of reach up front in a little cooler or something, and only offer them to pax who are taking longer trips.

You are way too generous in your ratings. She should lose a star for wrong pin, 2 for attitude, one for wait time, and another for taking water without tipping or asking. Trust me, you probably got less than a 3 from her. I know that i docked her 5 stars and that’s not possible, but those are my rules for pax, maybe she doesn’t violate all of them, and still ends up with a 1 star.

Why would you take a bottle upon exiting. The water is for the ride, not a parting gift when you leave. If you didn’t need water during the ride you don’t take it to go, its rude.

I put water in the back. Doesn’t really bother me if they take them. I do think that it would be nice if the passengers handed a couple bucks when they do take them, though. I’m not sure it does anything for ratings or tips.