Stopped anything since the fare is cut?

I haven’t necessarily stopped doing anything, but I tend not be as accommodating as before. And that is not just because of rate cuts, it is also about there being too many drivers for our area. Even at the old rates making money had become more difficult from the sheer number of drivers on the road at any given time. Let’s call it being disillusioned by the whole Uber thing, not just rate cuts.

I have waters and tic tacs and if someone asks I will provide them but they are not sitting out all the time. I still offer to change the radio but I refuse to do the spotify thing, just on principle. About the only one I know I am not going to do anymore is get out with an umbrella when it is raining. My ass is staying dry from now on.

I too, find myself not being as accomodating. I was asking about preferred routes and all that. Now, they get in, I confirm where they are going, and I’ll try and engage in some chit chat, but that’s it. No mints, no water. Just a safe ride in a clean car. Since there’s almost zero chances of tips from this “tip is included” nonsense, I’m just not going out of my way.

I still strive to give good customer service. It’s not the paxs fault for the rate cuts so I’m not going to take it out on them. Ratings or not, I think that’s still on me. Based on my area, I will still take pings that are 10-12 minutes, but work out of my house on other things and will now only take pings where I am on Ubers #2 phase for insurance. No more driving for pings, even with the gas prices lower. Makes for less deadhead miles. a little less money, but I’m keeping more in my pocket.

i’m thinking about asking my passengers “just wondering, i’m doing an informal survey, do you normally tip your uber drivers?” then go from there… nothing to lose sinc ei’m going to quit.

I’ve decided to add a donation jar. Since the whole reason I’m doing this is because my husband has esophageal cancer and our fundraising site hasn’t generated anything since October, perhaps I can get some donations from pax. I’ve seen lots of posts about tip jars so I’m doing a slightly different take on that concept. Here’s the picture I did for the jar, I’m still debating on the quote. Perhaps it should say, “I don’t always tip my Uber driver, but when I do it’s for esophageal cancer?”

so sorry to hear that. i hope it tourns out for the best. hope he recovers quickly.
i think you should put a picutre of your husband on th eposter with the doctor’s diagnosis.

I thought about that, but I don’t think he’d be too keen on the idea. He’s already uncomfortable with all the pictures on the fundraising site, but he knows it was necessary. I can always change it later if the most interesting man in the world doesn’t motivate people.

The only thing I’ve really stopped was I no longer log out of driver mode on Lyft once I’ve accepted an Uber request. I don’t take Lyft out of driver mode now until the Uber pax is in site. I’ve only cancelled an Uber pax in route once since Friday night due to a Lyft ping coming in, but I’m going to be deliberate about choosing Lyft over Uber (that is, until Lyft lowers their rates too).

Turned app off. Consider turning on from time to time when surge reaches 2X+ but they only last for a few minutes as most of the other disgruntled drivers are doing the same thing so instant driver flood. Then Lyft surges less and/or doesn’t surge and are flooded with pings. So I haven’t had to turn app on since last week.

Little battles going on currently. I’m thinking Lyft is gonna have to fold here on rates fairly soon. Then my ride share days shall end altogether. Too bad really. I kinda like the gig overall. Week of NYE I slammed a take home from both apps of $1100 (pre-expenses) and didn’t drive NYE. (who didn’t see that one coming?)

I absolutely wont provide anymore blowjobs trying to get tips. I’ll only give blowjobs if a price has been pre-arranged and the money has been paid upfront. A person has to have some self respect for Gods’ sake!

While I still keep the car clean, I spend much less time on it. I mostly drive at night, so I figure I can get away with it. Although I carry water, I have never been very active in offering it to people. These days, the water seems to be for me, in case my own water bottle is empty. Also, like many others, I am much more aware of the time/distance to pings and am much more likely to not accept or accept and cancel rides.

I use to turn My uber phone on driving from my regular job to my house during rush hour. I would normally get trips to the airport/downtown Minneapolis/st paul etc on a regular bases which averages out to around $35. on Monday, I picked a customer from Eden Prairie to the airport for $22. After the Uber cut, I ended up with $16. Are you kidding me? It’s def not worth the wear and tear on my brand new car for $16. I will only do Uber on the weekends and that’s only if lyft is not busy.

I don’t open doors as offen, I still get out when I can for my own health, but I don’t open doors unless it’s someone much older than me or they actually need assistance, I buy one case water on Thursday night and when it’s all gone, it is gone till next Thursday.