Stop worrying acceptance rate

Mine’s in the single digits, and I pulled down $370-ish yesterday. The pickier you get about what rides you accept, the more money you are likely to make. Most importantly, reject all Stool rides. All of them. Second, you will make far more money by learning the surge patterns and what hours are worth driving in your town than you will by worrying about your acceptance rate.

I would think that in most circumstances, the more your wheels are turning with a pax, the more money you’re making. Henceforth, the higher your acceptance rate, the more money you make in the long run.

Drivers can be picky especially the part timers. I think for the most part the full timers have a much higher acceptance rate. I do find it bs that uber puts on these rules they follow. I’m looking for something I can rely on ft so I can treat my limited hours with uber the way I want to.

What’s your acceptance rate? I bet in your market I can make 20%25% more then you if your rate is lower then mine 4/5 days. Uber rewards drivers who take more rides often then not.

In my area Uber lets you have up to 40 minute pings. I really wish I could save them the hassle and turn on a setting that doesn’t bother sending me rides over 15

I agree. My acceptance is usually 60% or so. FT or PT you lose money driving 15 minutes over the long haul.

My acceptance rate is currently 98%, but I don’t think I get any preferential treatment because of it. I certainly don’t see it in the quality of my rides…or any other measure.

He’s right to a degree but that’s for people who chase surge action and that’s on a split shift basis so that tells me a lot smdh but on a pt level of driving i guess the whole acceptance rate wouldn’t affect you as much as a ft driver.

Guys like you freaking kill me ! My best day in the 6 months I’ve driven for Uber was $265… Anything over $100 is a good day ! Where do you drive, and what is your base rate ???If i could make $300 a day, I’d be set, and I’d be kissing Ubet’s @$$ big time.

soon uber will not give you the name of the person you are picking up because they found that men pax get like a 30 percent more cancel then women. that will happen in the next 3 months watch

If he can produce a day to day basis screenshots he’s making $370 a day then we need proof on hours. I say its bs. You can make decent pay here in Boston $20-30 per hour during the hours of 4am-930am and 2pm-7pm and youll make at least $250-300+ for those 10 hrs as a split shift.

Seatt-uhr. Rates here are, I think, $1.35/mile and $0.24/minute. Counting miles from door-to-door when seeking fares, how much is your pre-expense payout (PEP)? If you are not north of $1/mile, you aren’t making much money, if any at all.

If you are under that, PM me, and I will give you some strategies for earning more. It is always a mistake to post these things in the open. Uber and Lyft are watching, as are all the other ants with which you are competing.

Uber is a tech company. Their job is to manipulate large data. Your stat is cataloged and ranked. If you are Uber, who would you give $100 ride on Sunday night at 2 am when you have 20 cars in the list one with 100% acceptance rating who is a perfect ANT? I give it to ANT to promote the behavior and reward “it”. I have no doubt they do that.

I’m not going to say anything that makes it easier for Uber to figure out who I am. “$370-ish” is as specific as I’m going to get. Even that might be slightly high or slightly low, just to throw the Uberbots off my trail. It also almost certainly includes some Lyft income. Or maybe it doesn’t include any Lyft income at all.