Stop picking up minors

If you if you were picking children up with their parents not in the car you’re not providing a service you’re providing a way for their parents to set at home or at work for not making proper arrangements to pick their children up, it clearly states in the our terms of service if we pick anyone up under the age of 18 if you’re involved in an automobile accident you’re going to be sued your insurance will not cover you their parents could come back and sue you even though they’re the ones that phoned it in you can say you provided service don’t say we unless you have a mouse in your pocket.

If you pick up from a school or are generally in doubt, just ask for ID. Not a big deal really. You think a bartender can use the same excuse for serving a minor? Look out for yourself ; do not expect a rider or Uber/Lyft to do this for you.

Kids have been honest with me when I drive up and roll my window down, and ask them their age. Then I ask who’s account is the request under. They usually say it’s their own account, using parent’s CC.

I am sorry but I think you’re a water head we’re not talking about juveniles that look like they’re 18 were talking about preschool children picking children up that are very young they are being escorted to their car by the school guard at the drop-off Zone yes it’s extremely difficult to guess the age of some passengers getting in our cars.

If you get in an accident, there is a liability issue, you are violating the insurer’s requirements for picking up passengers, so you’d better understand the ramifications should this happen, and how it effects you personally, how it affects the kids, etc.

Well…say u asked their age and they said there are 18…unless its obviois 10 year olds…no one can do shit against you. They lied…not ur problem…since nothing u can do to verify

If you get involved in automobile accident and they’re under 18 years of age you are responsible whether they lied to you or not the bottom line is if they’re not 18 and you put them in your car it’s your responsibility but don’t sit there and tell any of us if they lie to you it’s not your responsibility it is your responsibility.

Its like domestic violance case…tommorw ur gf from 2 years ago…can be in a bad mood, call police and say u hit her. U be arreated on a spot…then they will investigate further and u be dismissed more likely.

Hopefully, when highly skilled lawyers are cross-examing you in a lawsuit against you, you won’t let them trip you up, you are really smart, know all their tricks, eh? – so you’ll come out smelling like a rose.

The law always goes with “what is a reasonable person supposed to do” i.e, did you what a reasonable person would do in the attempt to conform to the law? It’s no sweat to ask if the kid is 18, and ask for ID, I should think in a court they would ask you if you asked the kid for an ID.

Unaccompanied minors pose a liability risk that neither Uber nor Lyft’s insurance carrier wants to accept. To each their own, but the best rule of thumb as a business is to uniformly not carry unaccompanied minors. We provide a valuable service keeping drunks off the road, too, but those passengers are covered within the bounds of James River Insurance’s policies with Lyft and Uber.

Ifs it’s a teacher, he/she should be smart enough to call the driver and let him know it’s not for an underaged student. You’re being a bit nasty with your attitude regarding this.

I was just informed by Brown & Brown Ins. that TNC contracting is too risky to write a Business Owner’s Policy. Is it any wonder when this kind of thing is prevalent?

I hope you realize that if you’re involved in an accident with a minor your world is going to be turned upside down. I highly suggest you read Ubers TOS and dig deep into the insurance clause. There’s a reason Uber terminates users for violating the terms. I’ll leave it at that.

Dashcam, ya got to have a dashcam to protect yourself. I cancelled a ride on a minor, np. Then he called Uber again and I got the ping, but didn’t accept it. There goes my acceptance rating, but I kept my house. Reported rider and account holder as Fraudulent use.

My strategy goes as if it’s a pickup that’s more than 5 minutes I’ll Google the address after I accept it. If it’s a school or high school I’ll write out a text message saying I see your at a school, if your not 18 please cancel the ride.

Most Uber drivers haven’t read any of the TOS. If they had, they’d also know Uber (James River) can sue the driver to recoup any money they pay out in the event of an accident.

How about the areas of the country covered by Progressive, All state, or Farmers? Please show me where drivers are not covered while transporting a minor? In the event of an accident, the child would be covered if the parent were in the car. Legally, there is no difference.