Stop canceling those rides

You know I see so many drivers that do nothing but complain about pay, like I’m not even making $10 an hour, or it’s so slow why are people not out! I don’t understand this at all, I know that some of you use Uber/Lyft as a full time job, then you want to bitch about the pay. Well if you aren’t making enough money then maybe you either need to expand where you drive, stop canceling those rides that are more than 5-7 min away(if we did that here where I live you might never get a ride), or better yet how about you go find a full/part time job doing something else. I have worked in EMS, wanna talk about underpaid and over worked??? Talk to anyone in the EMS field they will tell you. Or for that matter ask any vet/current service member that they are overworked and underpaid as well. So stop your bitching and either get out there and do something about it or just don’t post your bad mouthing of what ever company you drive for. Remember you are in the service industry, which means serve us, be nice to people. Have a nice night.

I accept almost all the rides…I average 26$/hour…gross…drive a new car…get great ratings…4.98 uber…4.94 lyft…

You are one of the ones that makes doing it worth it. I applaud you great job. Keep it up.

You must understand Uber is cutting the pay little by little. They do not want this to be your only job. So when they go to A driverless model. There is not a public backlash.

This is the BREAKROOM.
Venting & bitching is allowed.
If you don’t like it, scroll past, or find a group better suited to YOU.

This probably shouldn’t be a full time job, but it allows people with limited skills or limited ambition to at least earn some cash

Granted, some people go overboard but sometimes someone just may want to vent. Lyft and Uber break room. That’s what everyone does in the break room, they bitch.

Thank you for your dedicated service and I agree with you 100%!!!

My poor sister, works 65 hours a week as EMS, she’s always exhausted and barely makes $16 an hour regular pay… whole lotta bullshit for a whole lotta nothin.

I bet she has great medical benefits, 401k, paid vacation, and actually contributing towards her Social security

Personal choice drive or not, if you don’t like it quit . I don’t think Uber went out and twisted anyone’s arm to drive for them. I am retired and like the extra six to eight hundred bucks a week. Stay home I will take their damn rides !

This is why people complain uber doesn’t want to see such large days. Remember when the last ceo said we make to much money. They have since fixed that

Not only service industry, you are your own Boss, find solutions and make that $$$

The truth and reality is that Uber and Lyft is designed to make Uber and lyft money. Even if you make $20 an hour, you can’t expect that every day. And if chasing passengers while wasting gas and time is how you want to make money and the cost of tires, oil changes, car washes, upkeep, wipers is eating away at your pocket, taken serious action and realize, these companies are not really here for drivers. They are here for passengers. We are the ones who choose to work to pay for a car note.

How many actual companies are for the workers? Profit is bottom line and they are probably the little cry baby’s that have the little “lyft” light on their dash too.