Still worth it to drive Uber?

So I’ve been a driver for a few months now. When I started it was nonstop, couldn’t even keep up with the amount of requests I was getting, now I feel like I’m just sitting around hoping for a few requests, so my question is is there such thing as slow season or are there just too many drivers now ?

Welcome to luber they will continue to put more and more drivers on the road as well and then the summer does slow down

why wouldn’t we be angry. The pax still pay the very high fares. Uber keeps 100% of surges. Throws up a few measly dollars. Pathetic.

I dont get folks like you if it’s so bad then quit go find somthing else! Crying and complaining are useless responses.

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I’m not crying. And I do have something else. Surges are shit now. I can spread that message all I want. If you don’t like it, don’t read my comments.

perhaps had your first comment been that your point would be valid…however blah blah blah F uber…you have lost any validity and credibility

Even when I’m not driving I check the app a few time per day to see if there are any surge areas lit up. Living in Austin Texas and seeing no surge areas even on a weekend is concerning. However, I have noticed that if I drive into known surge areas without the app showing, I will remain busy and get decent pay/tips.

I do the same thing but I’ve noticed recently if i go to a non-surge area i just sit there with 5 other Driver’s and get a request every half hour - hour this was today 1 trip in 3 hours

Dang. Those waiting lots are a killer. Try a day of just driving around. I know it sounds like a lot of gas but that’s what I do and usually bank $23.-28.00 per hr. I only drive about 4-7hours maybe 2 or 3 days per week. Mainly weekends and holidays.

When you first start they put request on you so that you make it to the goal that they set for you … when you sign up they guarantee a certain amount of money within a certain amount of rides or time after you have reached or exceeded that guarantee you no longer receive as many requests

There’s too much competition out there now. Years ago we didn’t have all these Uber drivers now there’s just too many and you can’t make a money you made 3 to 5 years ago.:thinking::thinking::thinking::grinning:.

It’s a very sad situation and Uber is taking more money from us. I think the situation has gotten worse than better.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::kissing:

If all the drivers include me, has some Big fucking balls and stop Three days in a row the story will be much Different…
but for now UBER DRIVERS are just a Bunch of Spineless mother fuckers.:fu::moneybag:

You probably started driving during some kind of event with lots of tourists. The bottom line is you’re going to have good weeks, bad weeks, great weeks, horrible weeks driving.

They seem to show more surges for new drivers. My friend signed up to drive and I got to see his screen…he had completely different promos then I did and his had more surges

The only slow season I’ve encountered is the week of Xmas and the week after Xmas. Other then that it stays pretty busy