Sorry for venting, but i am open for any suggestions

Hey :wave:! I’m a spanking new driver driving for Uber and Lyft (mainly Lyft-very new). When I first started driving for Uber, I barely had any major problems with passengers until my late cousin once drove for Uber, but didn’t like it. However, when I finally got approved for Lyft, despite reading the tutorials and taking the quizzes, I ended up messing myself up with the wrong people whom I assumed smiled in my face and stabbed me in the back. When I meant stabbed me in the back, I meant some gave me a 1-3 star review. Mind you, I had just recently started driving for Lyft and thought everything was fine!
I was wrong! I was told that I was having safety and cleaning of my car issues, especially one pax in particular, gave me a one star because when I made a left turn from old national parkway to old national highway at night when there was no lightning or barely, i accidentally drove on the wrong side of the street; however I quickly got back over. I was thrown off the bandwagon. And about my being accused of my car being dirty?? First of all, I don’t even smoke nor drink due to a disability. Secondly, I always vacuum my car out and carry spray because I have some pax who smoke.
I got so mad and severely traumatized by those Lyft incidents (not Uber), I at first deactivated my account because I became heavily depressed. However, I had a change of heart and reactivated my account with happiness by explaining my side the story. But because I am still traumatized by what happened, I am now a little scared to ride anyone in my car even though I am a very meticulous driver with good intentions.
I am going to give my chauffeuring pax another try. But I would prefer going back to doing ubereats. Also, i had to order car seat covers. I don’t have enough money to buy things like Knick knacks (snacks) because I am filing bankruptcy and work at another country as a new substitute teaching. Constructive criticism is a plus!

If you don’t have a thick skin you probably shouldn’t do this kind of profession. Just trying to be honest people are assholes

Unfortunately you have to be able to read people very well some people no matter what you do will rate you low just have to let it go and move on. In the year that I have been doing it just keep your rating high enough to keep driving and move on.

Try to stay positive and do what ya do. Lots of riders are just trying to get a free ride so don’t take it personally.

portable vacuum . Spend 5 mins in backseat daily . Spray Fabreze. Have lint rollers and wipes. My car seems to get dirty each day. Still have gotten low ratings at times. Hurts the feelings. Just let it go and mistakes and experience you will a better driver and work harder to please and 5 stars will show up. Gets easier with experience . Good luck .

I offer water and get 500 lifesavers for 6-7 dollars from Wal-Mart. Have a charger available to back seat reach. Little things means a lot to some, others means nothing. Done 2350 trips, rated 949 5 stars . 30 less than 5 stars in 6 months. Oh well

Lyft passengers are notorious for 4 & below…I have no idea why Lyft passengers feel more entitled to over and beyond for a 5…I used to call and inquire about why, but after a while I just let it be…you can’t change it how they rate…I’m a 4.9 on Uber and in The same car, same me…I can be a 4.77 on Lyft smh… Right now I’m surprisingly a 4.96 on Uber and a 4.86 on Lyft smh…who cares 🤷🏾

Everybody gets hit on ratings first time out. The more you do, the more comfortable you get. Your ratings will improve. Don’t worry about it.

It’s not personal. I know, it feels that way, but I assure you, it’s not. Every one of us has made mistakes and even experienced drivers have issues. The great news about Lyft is that the bad reviews roll off pretty quickly as you continue to drive. Take any criticism as an opportunity to evaluate (which you’re starting to do). Relax, and have fun! There are so many wonderful people you are going to meet along the way. Don’t you dare let the detractors keep you from experiencing the great ones!

Uber is a great income if summers weren’t so dead I would make it a full time. Enjoy the rides some really nice customer and some deserve a spankin

Gonna have to get some thicker skin for this job. You’ll get 1 stars and complaints, for no reason other than they want a free ride. Taking any of this to heart, when you know you’re doing a good job, will only cause unnecessary stress

Having anxiety and chest pains are one of them! I’m not pleasing anybody anymore! I learned that I’ll go nutso! They want free rides, sorry! It ain’t gone happen. Expect the unexpected. I’m praying for everything! No one monkey stops the show. Anyway like your comment! I concur!

Don’t worry it’s 500 rides on uber and every 100 on Lyft when your new your rating all over just do as good as you can u will be okay

Just have fun. I know this is a job and with any job there’s going to be ups and downs. There’s going to be things you cannot control. My recommendation is the same as other people have said. Do you need to become a duck, let it roll off your back.