’s a little diddy!

Guy gets picked up at windmill and Decatur Cancels half way thru his ride I Pulled over (in a parking lot) unlocked doors and said get out

He didn’t wanna get out I said dude you cancelled. Your ride is over Get out now

He hesitated like he wasn’t gonna get out so I picked up the phone got out car and proceeded to call north Las Vegas police He got out in a flash

Reported it to uber. i Want my whole fare, not just cancellation of $3.75. Took about 25 minutes

Uber just gave me the $23 fare

No idea Apparently he wanted a free ride across town Guess he didn’t know I would be notified of a cancelled ride :joy:

23 bucks for half the ride
His blood pressure gonna go up when he sees he got charged for the ride anyway :joy::joy:

I had a chic do this to me once. She was like I didn’t mean to, I was like bullshit because it takes a couple of prompts to fucking cancel a ride now get the fuck out of my car

I’m confused I didn’t know a rider can cancel the ride in the middle of a ride I thought that we could but they can’t.

THere’s actually a YouTube video I watched a while back he had it on video and she cancelled and he kicked her out and she (the passenger) started slapping him (the driver)

…thought you meant other issue I posted on…so the one like the original post…I had picked up girl…accepted and was driving and it cancelled 30 second in. I asked her what she did…she claimed it wasnt her. I asked her to open her app and try to see what it says. Was a long drive…I already had her pick up…because I accepted…so I got to her destination…let her get oit…screen shot address…pulled over and messaged lyft…they called me back…saw where I arrived, accepted and it was cancelled 30 secs in…I screen shot finished address…and they paid me

Something like that happened when I first started 2am Conchita Bonita club Blvd and lake mead next to palomino dude calls me I went and got him Tons of cops around he started flipping out Inside my car punching backs of my seats I was still in parking lot Big ass dude I got out and grabbed my phone Made him get out Only reason he did it calmly was cops were everywhere there at that moment

So you knew it was cancelled but kept driving as to not confront them? Excellent move I never considered that I react quickly

Would your GPS continue to give you directions even after the cancel? I would imagine you would get a ping for another ride if you stayed in driver mode

No. It never got cancelled. I drove near area, flipped it on as per instructions and nothing happened. As in no text

I would never finish the ride because once the ride is cancelled the pax are not covered by commercial insurance anymore so you are gonna be 100% liable if anything happens the rest of the ride

I keep seeing these posts - am I just extremely lucky in 3,800 rides that no one has tried that stunt? Or maybe it’s my “Your ride is being recorded” signs that keep them honest.

Quite honestly…this accusing people of driving under influence to get a freebee…something has to give…we really have zero protection