Sometimes the fare isn't worth much

If I work with the rider, sometimes I get a big tip and that always help, but its not a guarantee either, btw the one pax I mentioned above had a low rating, like a 4.5. Plus I gave him a 1 star too. so it prob dropped even more. But we have to deal with people like this almost daily. I’m starting to stay away from the campus area now, bc I am kinda of getting tired of the college kids. (no tips, and confusing situations)

I run 2 GPS … just to make sure I don’t miss a turn; as far as shortcuts go … I ask the pax if they have a particular shortcut they’d like to take; if not, we’ll take the “optimized” route provided by Uncle Sam … if it’s good enough for the Dept. of Defense, I’m sure we can get you to your destination in the shortest possible time OR we can take your “shortcut”

Even though I very much enjoyed. I don’t do any of that.
About two minutes out I move from the map to the Uber app. I call the PAX as I hit ARRIVE.
I tell the PAX I am pulling up and will be in the white xx car with the flashers.

Try using the built in GPS within the Uber app. It works great for me. You don’t have to rely on waze or Google maps…you see exactly where the pin is dropped. If it’s in a weird spot, I will text the pax on the way(using one of my android hot keys) and usually get an exact address or business name while en route.

Cops look for texts and they cost a bundle here. I also don’t want PAX thinking I am reading texts. Pulling over and reading a text just takes money out of my pocket. I don’t read texts while driving, oh well.

All of the PAX I asked about calling thought it was a good idea. I kept it up because it works in the San Diego market where there is no parking, and the PAX are willing to meet you half way.

I have an automated text app … the 1st text gets sent when I get the ping (not moving); I don’t read texts while driving … that’s too dangerous (and illegal here too). And all my text messages are canned and sent via 1-touch quick key … the only thing I ever have to read on the texts that I receive is the confirmation that the address is correct.

Don’t worry about about your rating. The rating system is horribly flawed and it isn’t even statistically valid. Because the system is so flawed, there us no difference between a 4.7 and a 4.98.

First off the cologne that I wear is very mild and not strong at all, part of the reason I wear cologne is bc sometimes I sweat alot. Can’t help it, I always deodorize the car too to make sure it smells fresh.

I’m actually convinced that people are just pessimistic and are very critical, bc yesterday I only did 7 trips and I got a rating of 4.33. However one may have given me lower rating bc of one of my trips previously with them, but he still tipped so that doesn’t make sense. I do I agree it is flawed, but people are pessimistic, even when u do everything right u still get a lowscore.

Because the rating system is so horribly flawed and statistically invalid, you need not concern yourself with your score as long as it’s above about 4.6.

But, truly, the cologne needs to go. Maybe use unscented talcum powder instead.

U know what I just did the math and it makes no sense. I had seven trips completed and two cancellations. Are they counting the cancellations against us? Bc every single number I used made no sense on how they came up with a 4.33.

Remember this; when one of the other assholes waits five minutes cancels and leaves without calling the rider, the rider gets pissed. Guess who gets the bad rating? The next driver they request. They see us all as Uber, not individuals.

I hear ya! In fact it’s time for me to do the next archive for the car company. With IMAP folders and shared accounts, it has grown out of control since I went back to my “day job” I do tell the office staff to at least delete the junk, and personal responses to confirmations (we probably have 1000 “thanks” replies in our main folder! My husband is a digital pack rat. I have a more IT Corporate approach, since my employer has strict retention guidelines.

But I have to integrate with LimoAnywhere (gag) so we are limited to a few like Fleetmatics, Network Fleet, and one or two others, or I have to do my own port or pay someone to do it, or migrate to a better system.

As far as the cologne goes, you must know that sweat doesn’t stink, its the bacteria that stinks. So if you are showering and applying deodorant in addition to wearing clean clothes, you aren’t going to stink worse than you should unless you’re working more hours than you should. The rest of the advice you received was good as well. Don’t deal with no bs. Period.