Sometimes some people make bad decisions... That destroyed my night

This happened a week and a half ago… It was so far a usual night until I got a ping in Concord going to Manchester… I always accept all calls regardless… When I get there I had an uneasy feeling so I shared my trip… I told the guy the cup he had couldn’t come if it had alcohol, he claimed it didn’t so I dropped the subject… Within 5 minutes into the ride the Pax passed out, generally no big deal I wake them upon getting to their location… I finally get him to his location and he won’t wake up and is drooling all over himself… I shake the seat, nothing, holler his name, still nothing… Now I’m worried that he either overdosed on drugs or alcohol… Either way, I’m very concerned about his well-being… So unfortunately I have to call the police and explain it to dispatch… Within a few minutes here comes an ambulance, fire truck and police… I also called Uber support, cover my butt regarding what’s going on… The emergency response couldn’t even wake him so off he goes to the hospital… Ugh :expressionless:… I used to work in the medical field so I felt that I was in the right… But I didn’t want him to die if I was correct… And yes the cup had alcohol :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:… I don’t want open containers in my vehicle…

This what you suppose to do, this what we all suppose to do. You can’t wake up pax, call for help. You did a good job!

Avoid drunks at all costs. If a person is so hammered they can’t walk from the sidewalk to my car without assistance, they don’t get a ride from me. We are responsible for them until they get to their door. We can’t just roll them out and leave them in the street. Cancel the ride b4 it starts, email support, explain the condition of the pax and move on.

Half of my late night passengers fall into this category. I’d rather they get a ride with me than be on the road with me or others.

some may say that you should not have taken him. I’m glad you did because he got the medical attention he needed. Another who is less compassionate might have just left him and he could have died. Saving a life was the right way to go. I for one applaud you and admire your quick actions.

I take everyone except those without car seats for small ones or unaccompanied minors… I don’t want drunks driving and killing themselves or anyone else!!! I guess I deal well with them and assess the situation while calling for assistance bc of my medical experience before that burnt me out…

I don’t allow any container…open or not inside my vehicle any more except for the 8 oz. Bottles of water i furnish.

Had a similiar incident happen a few months ago. Sorry this happened to you. You did the right thing and you may have saved his life.

Wow I was from that area live in both those places and it’s gone to shit since I’ve been back for longer than just a visit. Almost like you should carry narcon in the car

You did the right thing as a prior medic myself I would of done the same thing.My props to you because you saved him from getting behind that wheel.Keep up the great job!

If u tried. U tried. I would give people 10 chances before calling the cops. But his well being is what comes next. Good work!!

Yes not everybody knows the signs that something is wrong and not right.So glad you were at the right place at the right time!