Someone told me to delete messenger

Last night, I was driving Lyft/Uber and picked up this super nice person and was taking him on an hour ride to a town outside of nyc. We got to talking and he’s a top person at Facebook! Was very off the record honest with me and told me “Delete messenger! It logs everything you do, say and look at, even when your phone is locked. We know everything about you.” He also told me fake news is deliberately placed to keep people interested in different agendas. Some of you already had an assumption, but this was from the source!

and the guy got out of your car, walked around the corner, to his real job at Walmart…lol

Well my uncle’s wife’s best friend’s brother works for facebook and he said… :joy::joy::joy: You didn’t have a uncle that worked for Nintendo as a kid? :scream: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fuck they see all the porn that I’m watching… that’s the point of the internet. To watch us. Delete the whole thing and get rid of your phone.

No assumption. Everything we do online anywhere is recorded somewhere. This is not news.

its when you’re phone is in your pocket, with a locked screen. I think most of us know the internet records everything already while surfing etc. he basically said fb msgr tracks us, what we say, where we are and everything when our phones are inactive. No need to be condescending. *pats you on the back

So you’re saying its recording our real conversations when our phone is on our pockets ? Lol.

That fb know where we are it’s also not news as we get messages to post where we are all the time.

But the recording our conversations live even with the phone black screened on our pocket takes the paranoia cake.

Good luck with that.

It’s common knowledge that smart devices such as TVs record conversations in the room and transmit to the mfr. So it’s not much of a stretch that one of the world’s top data harvesters would collect what the phone’s microphone hears.

I’ve heard the same from someone who works on projects like messenger. It’s very true most of those people don’t have social media

It was interesting to have it confirmed from the source. I asked him if he liked his job and he said “other than the fact that they completely spy on the public…”

I’m sure he was a Facebook employee giving away info that could potentially get him in hot water. Seems like a smart thing to do with a random driver on Facebook.

Real Facebook execs don’t violate NDAs to random strangers or shit talk their own company… Because you won’t find one single tech startup that does not include a NDA/non compete dude…

In case you all are not aware… Google android phones and IOS have been in your shit for years. I understand the post and I wont dispute it however… In case you didnt know Trump signed a bill 3 months back allowing your data to be redistributed to vendors for promoting to you. Google has an algorithm set to track your every key stroke to signify a profile. This is how people end up on no fly lists but dont know how they got there. It’s made to guess your future actions or to prevent crimes that you could do in the future but haven’t got around to yet. The truth is you haven’t had privacy for about 20 years easy now. Anyone with a security clearance or served in the armed forces can confirm this. Somewhere in the country you live in “here” where all the legislatures gather also is a certain place that employees around 30k contractors to sit around and… We will say… Make sure you are within your civil liberties. Both local and anywhere else in the world a microwave tower exist. So… Dont panic… The big titty chics on your phone are also in you preference of likes logged under a profile on someones database. Oh… You’re just trying to sound cool or you dont know what you are talking about or you’re just talking out the side of your neck and out your ass… Ok. 2 words. Bush Wiretaps.
Yeah… When Verizon went under investigation for tapping every phone on the planet using Verizon networks because they have the most towers back on 2007. Let that sit in for a second. Im not a conspiracy theorist or some Truther. Some of us just get to see more than the average citizen. Thats all.

I’ve had a top Google employee in my car and he told me about his frustrations there. People think they are safe talking to their uber driver and don’t give a shit about the NDA’s they signed. Uber won’t give up names of pax that assault drivers, you think they are going to tell a driver who asks who that rider was that worked at Facebook? All we get is a first name and sometimes it’s not even their real first name. Jennifer Prosser was just sharing a real conversation she had with a real passenger last night to be helpful, so give her a break and keep your doubting, negative comments to yourselves.

Uber and lyft drivers. If you make 1000 a week how much do you keep for taxes? I knew it but it makes me uneasy reading it so I uninstalled.

you sound a bit gullible. hey guess what… I’m a top aid at Microsoft. no wait. I’m co-founder of the first cellphone. no wait. I invented the television. I know one thing about you. you’re gullable.

Who cares if “they” are spying on us? If you aren’t breaking the law what does it matter? You think someone at facebook is sitting around staring at locked screens and listening to mumbled conversations? Shit, I want that job! Wonder how much it pays?

I figure I’m not all that interesting anyway; if anyone is listening they’re probably just bored to tears… I had some old guy pax say to me the other day…you know Uber is watching you drive…I said…so? He shut up. LOL

A daughter of CEO for Mackinaw Bridge told me that it very dangerous to drive over bridge when it windy! That is true and I believe it!

You might as well throw your phone away, I often get a notice from Google, saying: " You were at such and such place, would you like to upload photos for this place?" I don’t even use Google maps, but it knows where I go.