Someone ran a stop sign and drove into the side of our car

So my husband and I was delivering food last night when someone ran a stop sign and drove into the side of our car now we can’t even. Open the door. We had someones mega cheeseburger meal and he was still charged for it. So I was thinking since we still have his address that we would go get the money and pay him back for the trip and meal since he never received the burger. My husband and I are vegans so we don’t eat it we just tossed it away it was cold and old by the time police finished with report. What would you all do in. This situation. I would hate to be charged for something I never received ! My heart is good and tells me just to personally pay that man his money back and so I don’t have an awful ending with uber. We plan to quit ridshare anyways.

Just go to the fare and select help and under one of the tabs there is an option that says they shouldn’t be charged

if you want to do that…just go ahead and do it. i know it will be very much appreciated by the customer. you may even get a nice tip from it.

You can contact UberEats during the delivery I have done it several times when the wrong address is entered. Click the contact and it’s under the customer info

I assume at the time of the accident you contacted him? Or I’m sure he contacted you? You should never just goto someone’s house who was a passenger. That’s creepy and I’m sure against the TOS. I know your intentions are good, but I am sure one of you had to cancel the order on Uber, and he would have to work that out with Uber. You have enough problems apparently. :frowning:

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I would do what you feel is right. I personally would. But, i return cancellation fees if it isnt the riders fault

They usually don’t have a problem…i don’t know if they just reimburse my portion or the whole thing

Uber will refund the money to him. You had to cancel trip be “I got into a wreck”. And Uber would have notified them.

Wow bless he soul. U just got screwed trying to deliver this man his cheeseburger and yet u want to pay him? U really are a one in a million kind of person

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