Somebody threw up in my car tonight and I made them aware of it

Hey guys somebody threw up in my car tonight and I made them aware of it they act like they didn’t know that they had done it it was 5 of them in one set in my third roll the guy who paid for it gave me the money directly he gave me $100 is should I still report it to Uber or no the guy was real funky about it cuz I told him $100 was not enough

Id not double dip. If it wasn’t enough, give the money back and let uber charge him. Once you took the money, seemed settled to me. I wouldn’t take the 100 from him, and have uber charge him 150… that’s asking for an issue later.

They’re not going to charge him a hundred and fifty they say the hundred and fifty is in certain Market areas I’ve had people throw up in my car before an Uber only charges like 62 maybe a $80 fee that’s it even though here where I’m at to get your car cleaned out it’s 160 I checked into it MPS today it’s raining like cats and dogs so I’m going to have to go find a do-it-yourself car wash in 4:30 in the morning

I have had a guy drunk as a skunk he detailed the inside and outside of my car to keep from having to pay the cleaning fee because he threw up out my window and it backfired all in the inside of my car so the guy being a college student the Uber fare was on his parents credit card he detail the inside and outside of my car and I told him that if it was any throw up left I was taking a picture and sending it to Uber so he made sure that he cleaned out the inside of the car with my cleaning solution that I had then he vacuumed it inside and out and clean the outside as

I don’t know.sounds like trying to double dip. I would have told him to keep the money if you still wanted to report it

After accepting money and the. If you report it you could potentially get in trouble for “fraud” if the man disputes it.

Report it but the real question is why were there 5 of them in the one seat to begin with?

Report it. $150 isn’t enough anyways. $100 was a tip. Don’t mention it. If they dispute it, you can counter with the fact that they were drunk. Your word against some drunks.

Wow some of you guys are vultures. Lmao. That’s why it bites you guys in the ass in the long run. Lol

If $100 was not enough you should not have taken the money and reported him to Uber. It was your choice to take the money and act like the deal was done. If I paid you $100 and you reported me I would surely report you and appeal the extra money. Stop being greedy.

$100. Tip and report to Uber and get your Clean up fee.Uber used to charge up to $300 now they max $150 .We are not allowed to take cash fees treat as a tip ,report and get paid

You should settle it with the passenger before they exit the car by going over their options to either settle it then or notify Uber. You probably wouldn’t have gotten $100 from Uber. You’re already ahead!

Report it to Uber and get your $150 on top of what he gave you and if Uber asks if he paid you cash, deny it
There’s no way to prove it.

I’ve had half a dozen people get sick in my car and I’ve never gotten less than 150, even when it was entirely out the window and on the side of the car. They’re not just paying for the cleanup, they’re paying for the money you could have made if you didn’t have to spend the time cleaning it as well

Yes. Report it. And don’t tell Uber they paid you. $100 is not enough. You will not be paired with that pax again.

These comments are a perfect example why the cleaning fee max was lowered. If you do report it (which imo, he already paid) then you need to tell them that he gave you $100 already. Stay honest people. Karma sure is a biotch

can’t really expect them to clean it up… That’s a risk you took when riding. They even gave you more money go do it. Take precautions for all your plastic wrap whatever