Some Uber drivers are the biggest hypocrites of all

Whine & moan about their own rating then for pathetic reasons rate riders low. What goes around comes around. I have picked up many riders below 4.5 & most , if not all, have been good. Lesbian couples , black guys, young’uns etc. etc. But then again I spent 20 years managing hotels & you deal with people of all types & you treat them all the same. That is what customer service is all about. This is a customer service business & if you are unhappy with what you are earning then go do something else. Problem solved.

I tend to only pickup 4.8+ on non-Surge and 4.6+ on Surge. However, if it’s dead and not too late at night (because most 4.6 and below tend to indicate mean or carsick drunks), I’ll do it, just to see the name and where they want to be picked up from.

I picked up a 4.3 the other day, and was prepared for the worst, it was a dude that talked all “shop” on his cell phone…I did not ding him for that but he clearly he did not even acknowledge my presence, if he had any clue he was rated, I am sure he would put in a slight bit of effort.

The other reason I did not ding him lower is you can tell he was from a previous generation. Anyways, it is interesting to see how some can be so sharp, yet be so clueless about how ride sharing works.

Uber Taxi since February, 2013 (that was when it launched, here). UberX since May, 2014. I do not pay that much attention to passenger ratings. I have picked up positively charming 1,5s. I have had 4,9s that were absolute jackwadds.

I had a really cool dude with an annoying entitled biatch riding with him, everytime she spoke to me the guy looked embarrassed and concerned about his rating, I had mercy on him and gave him a 5* as it was the duck that was squawking. Explains his 4.3

Earlier tonight, I went to a ping location. I see a pax giving me a dirty look as I pull up. As he walks over he has this evil look on his face as he opens the door. Once he sits in the back seat I ask him how are you doing.

In my experience its a 50/50 hit or miss. Had pax with a 3.6 and she was great. Had pax with 4.3 and she was verbal Godzilla. Had pax with 5.0 and she was an entitled college child. At the end of the day, money is money. If pax throws a fit, hit the eject button with extreme prejudice.

Picked up my first sub 4.5 rating last night (4.4-star). I can see why others down voted him but in my opinion he was a great passenger. He gave turn-by-turn directions that was all.

Very personable Russian-accented guy with his coworker coming back from the bar. Of course we have no idea how many total rides he’s taken so it’s tough to get a base on the rating. I don’t judge just by a star number I’ll accept just about everyone within an acceptable distance.

Hey I’m not working for free lol as long as they’re around 9 minutes or less (7 and under ideally) they should get a ride from me. Why turn down money?

I want them to add a home state or hometown before accepting. California people are horrible. Every one of them complaining about the cost down here.

Aint my fault your market screws the drivers more than charlie sheen and hookers. It told you here the trip would cost $28-30 and i get a 1 star because that’s too much and a wreak caused it to actually be $33. Wow…

I told this story the last time someone made this thread. I picked up a 3.6 from a nice hotel out of curiosity. Her destination- the bar in the same hotel. I could tell she was a total princess btch but she must of been in a good mood cuz her btchiness was mostly playful.