Some riders don't understand the concept of pulling over and waiting for a funeral procession to pass


(Sheena Washington) #1

You know you have a passenger from up north or out west when they don’t understand the concept of pulling over and waiting for a funeral procession to pass getting upset because you’re following the custom to for your phone and I’m speaking of this South because I’m in Tennessee even after you explain to them it’s a courtesy of showing respect to the person who passed and their families that are grieving

(Brendan Halai) #2

I am from the north and I pull over and say a prayer for whoever it is. Please do not group all people from the north together.

(William Murphy) #3

We do the same thing in Wisconsin…sounds like those pax just don’t have respect. We aren’t all like that

(Graham Sandy) #4

What john rude said. I’m from the Midwest and we pull over when there is a funeral line.

(Mathew Boolean) #5

It true some dont and i know not everyone up north and out west are like my pack but i have met a lot that dont or have never heard of pulling over for a procession

(Trish Richardson) #6

it is not a regional thing, it is a generation thing. Remember, many of the people we transport don’t own cars or don’t even know how to drive.

(Lance Rodriguez) #7

actually I do think its regional… I never experienced it till moving south. I do think it’s a proper practice and I do it now… but I did not for several months till I learned

(Melinda Foster) #8

I’m in Michigan, we don’t pull over but you don’t cross into their lane and you wait for all the cars to pass even at a red light

(Bector Ernest) #9

I am from NY, we don’t pull over but they always get the right of way and other people on the road will pull over if need be to make sure the procession stays together.

(Kelly Hector) #10

False news. I’m from New Jersey. Pulling over for a procession is how I was raised too. We were also taught to use punctuation and avoid run-on sentences. :wink:

(Jack Dolen) #11

I’m embarrassed to say I’m from up north,but have lived in Florida for the last 24yrs,and honestly I can’t remember if we pulled over,wow I can’t remember.

(Lisa Markee) #12

I have lived in North and South Carolina, and California. I have been driving Lyft and Uber almost 4 years here in California, and haven’t seen more than one funeral procession.
I think it’s a big city/rural area thing.
I grew up in CA, and don’t remember seeing a lot, but I saw them more frequently in the Carolinas.
I pull over.

(Christian Odom) #13

I’m really not sure where you got this information. I’m in west Michigan and funeral processions always have the right of way. They are usually lead by police escort, which the law is you must pull over for emergency vehicles.

(Brahim Decker) #14

there is a whole generation of people that don’t care about getting their license because they can just take an uber. These are the ones that have no clue about driving etiquette.