Some riders are taking advantage on drivers for uber EXPRESS pool

They don’t want to walk towards where you supposed to wait for them. Then they want you to drop them in front of their door step instead on the curb where your trip supposed to end. My Question is to my fellow drivers and those who have enough experince. Are we paid for that for those extra miles? And If timer runs out on waiting for them are we gonna get paid if we cancel the pick up? What should the best thing to do?

Always cancel after wait timer. Don’t answer call from pax asking you to pick them up somewhere else.

Pick them up at the pickup spot don’t drive to them, drop them at the drop-off spot don’t take them to their final destination. They didn’t order door-to-door service and they aren’t paying for it so they get what they pay for.

Yes exactly… they never give tip for all the hard work and extras i did for them.i get more demands from those cheap riders express pools rather than uberx. Im just driving 2 months now… so thank you for all your advices. My only concern is they might give me 1 star if i drop them on the exact drop off point.

don’t worry about that star rating there’s NO incentive even you got 5 stars, cheapskates always the demanding ones

If they give you less than 5 stars they have to give reason. If they state a reason related to the pool ride then Uber automatically does not let that rating effect you.

these poo pax scumbags will downrate and blame the driver because they are the lowest form of rider. I ignore ALL poo requests. 2700+ rides and I’m rated 4.96.

We started as Nordstrom’s, then we became Macy’s, then we became Walmart and now with Express Pool, we are the Dollar Store!

I have been burned so often with express pool that I will never accept them ever again. Pool is OK, they get door to door. Express pool and 2 grocery carts filled in my trunk and milk leaked. The man a
Promised lie tip to drop off at their home.


If you get express pool added to your pool ride, there is a way to go back-end into the trip details and cancel it.

Full grocery carts are not allowed on ANY Pool rides. No more than one suitcase-sized load per Pool PAX. These cheap fucks need to consider that their ride might have other PAX with baggage too.

If you get an express pool ride and they come with boxes or groceries, before you start the ride remind them that express pool is cheaper because the drop off will be a few blocks away from destination. Then let them know they can change it to pool in the app before you leave

oh… nice to know that it can be changed to pool… now i have to let them know too… so they know everytime they asked to door step drop. Thank you

Taking them to the door is not a problem for me. I’m being paid until I complete the ride. But if they ask me to pick them up where they are just because they don’t want to walk. I never do it I wait for the 3 minutes where Uber takes me then I cancel

Not with Express pool you aren’t. You get paid for the pickup point and the drop off point not door to door…

well I guess they must be paying you special for your Market. Most of the markets that I know of and my market included these are upfront fares and you don’t get paid additional for additional distance

Lately I’ve become more savvy to some if the Express pool scams…these people who text you and tell you I’m at club so and so…The deal is clear , pick up on the corner a block or two away from club so and so…The ONLY thing to do is to wait out the clock at that corner and collect cancel fee…If they decide to run and meet you…avoid them if possible as they will surely one star you afterwards

Ignore all pool requests. Wait at pin or as close as safely possible. Ignore calls and texts. 2 min timer expires collect cancel fee and move on. Rinse and repeat

And STRESS that they WILL be walking once they get to drop off point if you do have to take them. Even better get a 2nd px that is a regular pool whom you drop off first at the door. Make them truly see the error of their ways. And always finish up with the one star.