Some policy in my car

Am I the only one who listens to what music I want to while driving? Declines all Pool and Line request? Doesn’t allow eating or drinking in my car? Sets the AC or Heat to my comfort level? And makes pax find me at the destination they selected in the app? (I ain’t driving all around looking for you) From the comments I read daily I know the Anwser but I figured I’d ask anyway. Maybe it will help a newbie out :joy:

I will make sure my female pax get to their door tho, even if it says drop em at the gate. I️ definitely listen to what I️ want to unless they ask for something else I️ stay comfortable in my car lol and I’m definitely not looking for anyone

Yep. And this dude is no where on level. Lol “Get in the car, shut the fuck up, and I’ll get you to your destination. As long as I’m comfortable, you good.” - 4.7 driver. Which reminds oddly of my biggest peeves going through basic, “hey private, push until I’m tired”.

he pick up point is not always accurate, just bs we always deal with on daily basis. Call or txt the pax. If they don’t answer then collect and no show :joy: deuces :v:

nahhhh they been through I️t before so I️ go to the location wait to collect then still not drive around. They know what’s up lol There are times when that is indeed the case. Increasingly though it is not.

I learned this quickly. Idc if it brings me to the back of the building… you better be there. As a rider even before driving, I would always text my driver clear instructions (business or residential) etc… and I really don’t care what you want to listen to, I never cared as a pax myself :woman_shrugging:t4:

90% of the time when the pax calls and they are not at the pin location they say “it always sends y’all to the wrong spot.” Hell, if that’s the case then yo dumb self knew about the problem and I’m not moving til i drive off with that cancel fee. Some of these folks in here think we need to “educate” these pax but there’s no educating laziness or willful ignorance outta folks.

Only since it’s Christmastime. This time of year is my favorite, so we’re listening to Christmas music, singing along and oh ahing at the Christmas lights whether they like it or not

A Nigerian guy got in my car last week playing his lil native music all loud on his phone so I said “so you want me to cut my music off or what, cause we can compete if ya want to.” Like dang, homeboy!!!

What I don’t get is how they leaving home to get in the car and ask to charge their phone. Like wtf you were at home. You knew you would be leaving. Why not charge up before you left.
Or if you order a ride, have your self outside. I shouldn’t have to call or text you when it gives an estimate on when I’ll be there even if the app is off you know where I was as soon as you ordered the ride. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

Exactly… I’m going to the address given. If you choose to move, that’s on you! My first week, I’ll Liam Neeson their ass and find them.

I listen to my music unless it’s offensive…I’m not gonna play " pop dat p—y" with an elderly bible study group…ijs This time of year is my favorite, so we’re listening to pop music, singing along and whether they like it or not. Feel good and feel happy with music.

Exceptions to everything. The app isn’t perfect especially during Game and concerts but I think y’all get the point. No I can’t take you through the drive thru homie… I can drop you off tho :man_shrugging:t5:

If I had a partner that checked up on me constantly to see if I was “behaving”, that partner would end up being cut loose ASAP. I don’t need someone that has insecurity issues from hell. Drive safely everyone and enjoy listening to music. Feel the love and feel the vibes of every tune.