Some people are cheap

I think if most people would consider the cost to replace a lost phone, $500.00 at least if you don’t have insurance, $100.00 t0 $150.00 if you do, then tipping a driver $10.00 to $20.00 is a bargain. I know some on here say they would toss a phone left behind in the trash, but I don’t agree with that. If I can’t determine who the phone belongs to, I will take it to the nearest Police station. One thing I will not do is leave the phone in my car, or take it to my home, too many crazies out there with tracking on their phone. One thing I do with my phone that everyone should, is I set up emergency numbers that can be dialed even when the phone is locked.

Done it twice both times within 10 minutes of dropping off both times I got $5.

Truth, sadly is most people don’t tip for anything. I understand that you want to be nice about it, and that is a good thing. I have been tipped $10.00 for returning a phone right after I dropped the riders off, only a few blocks away.

$10 to $20 would be a fair range depending on what you can afford, and how far the driver had to travel to return your phone. Hope this helps, and we need more riders like you in the Charlotte market.

A few weeks ago I drove 16 miles to return an iPhone 6 and all I got was a thank you. I totaled 32 miles with no fare. At least a Fiver would have been appropriate. It sucks but some people are just ingrates…

Uber says you should return for free. it’s part of the uber experience!

blame the cheap pax if you want, but Uber is guilty too.

Hilarious but crappy. This just happened to me yesterday. The couple didn’t tip on the original ride and she leaves her phone/ID/wallet in the car on Sunday at 2:15am.

I do the right thing and drive it to her yesterday on my day off. She tells me she just bought a new iPhone 6 to replace the one in my hand but didn’t grease my palm with a single red cent. Sad, just no class at all. I returned her personal items within 12 hours of the ride.

Sounds like she was mad you didn’t return her stuff quick enough, or she wanted an excuse to worship at the Steve Jobs shrine, and get the newest toy.

I returned like five phones. It is always the drunk friends that leave their phones. Made $10 tip once. Got two thanks and two a$# wipes that were angry at me. Obviously I was to blame they had too much to drink. I will never return phones again. Not worth the hassle

What if you return it to the carrier? Like, the nearest AT&T store? Wouldn’t they have more success finding the owner based on device IMEI and also put a note on the account not to activate another device as the existing one has been found?

I got $20 for a very minimal inconvenience as I stopped down the street for lunch after dropping riders off and they called me while I was still down the street.

More recently I brought the phone next town over (15 minutes) and the kid didn’t give me anything, but he had tipped me for the ride. If it is far off I would just tell them they have to 1) wait until I’m in their area again 2) I can return it to my nearest police station or 3) mail it back with the return shipping Lyft provides.

What phone? I don’t think a pax left a phone in your car. But you can always ask what can they give you if you happen to find their phone. You know, sometimes their phones battery falls out also Which sucks because pax can’t trace the phone if really lost. Read between the lines. Unless they are coming near you to meet and pick up, you don’t have a return policy for free.

A few weeks ago, I returned an iphone right after dropping off and I sadly I wasn’t tipped any. It sucks but you know being nice doesn’t cost any bucks.