Some Pax thinks Uber drivers have teleportation

I am so done with assholes calling when i am in route stopped at a red light and asking why im not moving.
I usually apologize and explain traffic is heavy but after yet another jerk tonight im just gonna cancel on these ppl.
Does this happen to y’all?

Yes it does. And if people are like that odds are they will rate you crappy. Always use best judgment if ya feel you should cancel then by all means do it. We are paid to drive nothing more and nothing less. Stay safe and have a great night.

Yeap they think we r teleportation and move a there needs and eyes stupid

No, but as soon as they say something negative, I cancell. Or you will get rated bad because they have bad attitude.

During basketball season after the games people will cancel because we’re taking too long to get there. Well guess what asshole, there 15K people all trying to leave at the same time so traffic is fucked! It’s going to take awhile! Cancel and get someone further away, I fuckin dare you!

I have literally sat in the same block for 20 minutes and had 4 cancellations!

I never pick up the phone when I am enroute. You see that I’m coming and if it’s just a tidbit like “I’m at domino’s, not Applebee’s” then they can just text me. There is no reason for a passenger to call you within 5 minutes of accepting a ride unless they made a error or are a straight jerk. If they did make an error and you sit a block away from them for 5 minutes, you get your fee! Don’t feel bad when you have done nothing wrong.

I had one call to tell me they were actually about a mile away from their pickup pin. They did that to get around the surge.

Yep happen to me. 1min after receiving the request she called and said are you coming your car is not moving. Once I got there it was the ride was for her husband and she was actually an Uber driver herself really I explained to her that I was at a red light and I was on my way really pushy family I’m almost positive they’re the ones that gave me a bad rating.

There’s a train yard here that’s not far from a few bars near the University here and the train sometimes stops on the track. You can clearly see the train from the bar and one night I got stopped by it going to pick someone up. They call me after 5 mins and ask why am I sitting still. I said I’m at the train can’t you see it and they said yes but I thought you could go around it, WTF…

OMG YES! That train is the main reason I now pay for priority parking on campus! If I get stuck by one en route to a pax, I just text them, and they’re pretty cool about it.

One time : I made the mistake of accepting a rider as I was getting gas she called like a minute later and started chewing my ass for not moving I apologized and said I’d be there as quick as I could she still cussed me out and canceled

Had some one at a work release call last night and see if ill make it before his curfew whn I had a eats delivery before his. He was cool with it ajd the only one to tip all night

How many would have cancelled him?
I took him to work and he scored me a 5 star and left a message got to work on time
Considering he just put head phones on until we arrived I was surprised

I hate it when they call at all… I’m like, I’m driving/trying to look at my gps! I don’t answer…

I can’t stand that. I was stuck in traffic one day and the pax texted me the address. Like I didn’t already have it and then said “You don’t seem to be making any progress”

Yes it has I tell them I’m at a light n they called too soon to let me follow the gps, see them soon and I hang up.

Had one lady tell me can you drive up to the stairs this was last week during the heavy rainstorms she also was waiting in the back like I was suppose to help her out. Her boyfriend had an umbrella and went to get her out she said Thank you that is so sweet. I ignored her she was 28 and had a healthy body with legs. Rated her a 3

I don’t answer if I’m driving I pull over and explain I don’t have wings that usually works

Sometimes they will call while I am dropping someone else off and then they will cancel me. So it just sucks

I’m hearing impaired which is good for the calls, but lyft holds text in most markets until you stop moving or doesn’t allow text at all in certain markets so the pax have no choice but to call… with the new client stacking this is becoming an issue all around