Some pax thinks all Uber/Lyft drivers are uneducated

I got the feeling yesterday one of my pax thinks all Uber/Lyft drivers are uneducated losers who are out here desperate for cash. I had to explain to him my personal situation that I have a full time job making good money but I took on a abused foster child so a little extra cash was needed and I also explained everyone has a story and not to judge a book by it’s cover. I think I changed his mindset by the time he got out of the car! I didn’t have to tell him my personal business but I think he needed to understand there is a reason for everything.

I had one lady who I told I drive because I enjoy it and get to meet a lot of people and she said “it’s nice to have a good attitude about it”. Guess she thought I was desperate for cash and was making the best of it.

They SURE like the rides…f**k them I don’t care what they they think…they don’t know me!!!

Last night this girl asked me “isn’t there something else that you would like to do besides THIS” like it was not a fulfilling profession. She’s young and idealistic. I had a long career as a legal secretary I’m so happy to be out of that corporate rat race making my own money.

i love running into people like that. they likely can not afford a car and have requested a discounted ride from me to go punch their bosses clock who will dock them if i get them there after the grace period. meanwhile, i work when i choose, at my own pace and spend my mornings sipping coffee strolling down the dock with my cat trailing behind me enjoying the view because i’m spending my summer on a boat. #pleasejudgeme

Let’s face it, there are many drivers out there that are clueless. This is an easy job to get for the unmotivated or mostly unemployable. It’s those people that make it hard for the rest of us, that actually take this job seriously, and give it our all. Common sense just isn’t common enough.

Sadly, like the taxi profession, there seem to be a ton of miserable people driving. I think that combined with the bad rap Uber/Lyft has had lately is ultimately changing the views had by the public.

Freaking ridiculous. Without us drivers how would they get around like this? What a dumbass