Some pax dont tip

Don’t piss on me and tell me its raining…twice tonight went way above beyond tonight for two sep Pax who clearly were how should we say financially comfortable. Both openly stated they were going to compensate me for my extra efforts (per their request) via the tipping mechanism…neither one of them gave a dime. On the flip side one of my regular hospitality workers who clearly makes less than I do gave me yet another 100% tip (second week in a row)…Thats okay I documented their addresses…never again will their tooshes cover my leather seats.

Some people don’t tip until the next day. I wouldn’t get too overworked about it just yet

I’m sorry but less than 1% of my riders tip the next day (yea I track it)…now lets look at some real numbers shall we. 95% of my riders who work in hospitality in any form tip, 21% of my riders 19-27 in age tip, 38% of my riders age 28-48 tip, 85% of my riders 49-79 tip, less than 1% of my Black riders ages 18-79 tip, less than 5% all other races combined ages 18-79 tip, less than 11% Canadians overall tip, less than 2% of my French Canadian riders tip and finally 9% of my obviously wealthy riders tip (and I mean there is no mistaking what side of the fence they reside). While those numbers are definatly interesting this is the number that counts, 79% of my riders overall tip as of this weeks numbers ending last night.

You really have too much time on your hands. How do you accurately know their ages?

The same way a bartender, policeperson, grocery clerk and anyone else tasked with determining such…using experience and cues while interacting with them you can accurately age range them fairly easy…twenty somethings and less it’s easy as hell…the hardest is midrange so you look for hints…more often than not it’s volunteered during discussions with them or between two riders…try it sometime it’s kinda fun.

I track every ride in my handy dandy dig logbook. I’m totally intrigued by this grand social experiment that a few years ago would have been unthinkable. The more I learn about the better chance I have of perhaps making the next great widget or perhaps something to aid drivers… just never know man.

Usually when people don’t like their low paying job they generally get. Better higher paying job. Maybe McDonald’s?

I tell people that if they are serious about tipping me, they should do it now, in cash. Because the Uber app is unreliable. And then I tell them about all the people who say they are going to tip, yet I never see their tips. The message is subtle, but they get it.

Sadly these people were too shallow to “get it”. Almost always the very same ask questions designed to well make you feel small because you drive for Uber (as if we are lessor humans or lessor worldliness). After grilling me about my life and pretty much being exceptionally rude and forward about how “special” her life was, she mentioned that she was jetsetting out to Wyoming next week…I said “Going to Big Sky eh” she seemed shocked that I would even know about such a resort (for the rich n famous) to which I replied fantastic place and facilities but personally Jackson Hole (another rich n famous place) offered better skiing and was far more fun to party in but while she was in Big Sky she should venture down to Bucks T4 Lodge at the entrance of Big Sky and have a drink…that pretty much shut her down lol…moral of the story don’t judge a book by its cover. I drive for Uber because I’m bored not broke…I didn’t even bother mentioning the fact that she was 45 minutes away from one of the seven wonders of the world (Yellowstone) and that the snow machine trips into the park in the winter are things that make lifetime memories…figured that getting her hair messed up or a possible broken nail would kill the experience for her so why bother.

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Yeah, I love those moments when your riders realize that you don’t fit their stereotype.

I recently had a couple of snooty MBA students who were treating me in a patronizing way. I asked how their classes were going, and then mentioned that I was an alum of the school they were attending. That shut them up. Then, for good measure, I told them that if they wanted to earn a 5 star rating for the trip, they needed to answer my B-school question: “Give 3 reasons why Uber would lower its fares. Be sure to include an analysis of demand elasticity in your response.” To be fair, they were good sports about it, and we wound up having a great conversation. College kids are a lot more fun then snobby old people :slight_smile:

yes I agree that the college kids (snooty at first) are the most fun…the older ones…ugh! It’s all I can do to get them gone. I had a couple recently that just oozed snooty from every pore (they were also painfully obvious Dems). I played Fox Business News the entire trip…thought they were litterally going to have an epileptic fit (hey they could have asked for the station to be anything they want…its clearly posted to please ask). I was all grins the entire trip…was so tempted to give a Trump shout out but was afraid it might have pushed them over the edge lol and they might have crapped themselves…

When I get rich arrogant people, I generally bite my tongue. But the one thing I will not tolerate is being insulted, criticized or threatened in my own car. Absolutely zero tolerance for verbal abuse. If someone even suggests that my rating might suffer if I don’t comply with their special request, the ride is over, and I cheerfully suggest that they might be happier with another driver

we are totally aligned on the above…there is no faster way to the end of a ride than strong arming me or being verbally abusive towards me or another rider (when multiple people onboard).

In California Uber added tipping and rating during the ride now. I can’t remember if it rolled out other states though. If pax asks for extra and offers a tip I politely point out that they can do it now instead of later.

it looks like you talk too much in the car based on your comments and may be that’s what you should work on:) by the way do they have to tip?

Dude, put that effort into another career- you wont worry about tips. Uber should not be your primary with those stat compiling skills

Most of the time i will get tips from people who i least likely expect them will make you look at it differently when you can obviously tell they dont have a lot of money

I learned when I was a Bagboy at a local Grocery during High School, if you helped the customer with their bags, you knew the tip as soon as you got to the car. Old Chevy, big tip, new Caddy, no tip.

When I hear a pax tell me that they are going to give me a tip after I’ve drove the extra mile for them.

9 times out of 10 they’re lying.

Then comes a pax you engage in a casual honest conversation or a young mother with her child who hands you a dollar and insist that you keep it, those are the pax that make you smile and feel good, you keep them in your mind.

Had a guy with a colostomy bag, “ smelled shit the whole way” before he got in the car, he tried to give the sky cap, $20. Sky cap gave him back five. So I help, “ I’ll call him mr. stinky” mr. stinky in, offer him a cold water, adjust the windows, “stinks “. He mentions wanting to call his son, who’s coming, but low battery! I gave him a cord to use. We get to his house, I put his bags by the door for him. As I get back to the car he reaches into he’s pocket and pulls out dime change, I mean pennies nickels and dimes… “ you better put that back in your pocket and left…