Some passengers are trying to get free rides


Okay, so my aunt is also an Uber driver, apparently Saturday, she took a trip and twelveish hours ago, a rider reported that she might have been intoxicated during her driving, so they suspended her. She doesn’t drink, and obviously doesn’t drink and drive. So uh, Uber didn’t tell her anything.
My question is, what the f*** does she do now? I know some of y’all have posted about this before.

She has to contact Uber and plead her case. People do that shit to avoid being charged for the entire trip. The fuck??? Uber should know better. What fool stays in a vehicle where the driver appears drunk?? For the entire trip¿?? Tell her to call the help line and follow the prompts of issues with a trip to speak to a live person. And plead why the pax continued with a complete trip if there was a issue of alcohol during the transport. They should reinstate her immediately

those people who answer the phone are like “intake”. They see what the call is about and give it another person who will respond in 1 to 2 days or so.

I agree with calling Uber and telling your story. I find it odd that Uber deactivates instead of reaching out to the driver for a statement. Especially since they know customers lie in an effort to score free rides.

It’s not odd. Not when you understand who these bastards are. They hate us. They will find any reason, including their ineptness at the English language to deactivate your account.

First off, Understand that Uber will always, always, always take the side of the rider no matter what. (They hate us) And Uber riders are trained now how to gain the system for free credits.

That’s why no rider gets a 5 star from me unless they tip.

i got permently kicked off uber app this weekend…over 1000 5 star ratings and a 4.87 overall rating…they always take the drunk ass riders side no matter what we put up with or dont put up with

.I had this happen before saying that I was high & they smelled weed… But they still rode with me for 2 different stops then said that I left them SMH

These are my trips for the day. The one cancelled trip was a bar pick up. I was nice i went inside to find the rider ( assuming they were drunk and missed the notification) He was and requested i cancel the trip. I didn’t know i should make him cancel so i canceled at riders request. He offered me a drink. I. Refused and left. His compainion followed me outside and asked me to wait. I spoke with her and then confirmed with him again that he wanted to cancel. He promised me a huge tip and said to leave. I did. Never got a tip. Rated him well anyway.

  • you shouldn’t go inside to find riders… for your own safety
  • they can neither tip, nor rate you once the ride has been canceled.
  • How were you able to rate them? Since the trip was canceled

Why would you get out if your car to search for a pax?

Why would you ever cancel, except for after 5- minutes when you can collect a rider no show fee?

If you canceled, you nor the rider can rate, and the rider cannot tip. A ride never happened.

Noooo… never ever get out to search for a pax. That could be dangerous for you. Also, never cancel unless it’s past 5 minutes. Make the pax do it.

File a lawsuit against the passenger in small claims. The party to sue is John Passenger Doe c/o Uber Greenlight, @ the Greenlight address. Send a subpoena to uber for the passenger info from the ride (the court clerk can help with that).

Once you have the pax info, amend the suit to name them and serve them.

Ask for actual income lost during the incident for making a false report, ask for breach of contract damages, and ask for court costs.

You probably won’t get breach on contract, but you should get everything else.

No one has tried it to my knowledge. You also might get a permanent ban on uber or Lyft for doing it. But, you won’t feel abused. The process will take a few months, but word will get out to the scum bag types quick.

That’s why I love Lyft…never issues & when there might be confusion it’s handled. Already got my 1k jacket!