Some of those Negative Ratings are not from Clients But actual evaluators?

Hello all I don’t know if this is true so, I’m going to ask all of you. I heard from a Client this week that Uber uses Secret Shoppers or Riders from Corporate to Ride and evaluate Drivers. Corporate evaluating and rating drivers for possible suspension and removeal in an effort to get rid of Questionable drivers. This client seemed like she new alot about it wonder if she was giving a heads up. Anyone else hear anything like this?

Uber doesn’t care enough to do this

Not true, but Uber employees do ride Ubers and they are worse then the passenger. You can tell by the photo they have, also if you give an Uber employees a bad ride then they go out of their way to make sure you get screwed.

Yup both my husband and I have had one

Fact. Happened here in Florida.

Why wouldn’t they have secret shoppers? Most companies do.

If they don’t, they should, a lot of drivers are complete assholes and give the good drivers a bad rap

Here here. At the Atlanta airport get quite a few idiots doing stupid and dangerous shit.

Total BS. They just like the sound like they are important but have nnothing better to do.

I do mystery shopping and have seen the shops where you shop Uber Eats. I have had questionable Uber Eats deliveries and now I know why. I picked up a guy for Lyft who was going about 0.3 miles, to the grocery store. He asked if I did Uber to and he told me that he worked for Lyft and his job was to recruit Uber drivers. He said Lyft paid him to take the Uber and encourage the driver to sign up. So yes, I believe they have shoppers. On the shopper side, I haven’t seen it for Uber rides. But I Know, I’m gonna shut my mouth and just go with it. I’ve been rate less than a 5 on two times. I have no clue as to why.

Who cares? Just treat all passengers nice and don’t worry.

I have had "secret"shoppers.

They would be crazy to not have secret shoppers/riders. Of course they do. It would be the best and most reliable feedback they could get. Those same shoppers probably visit the Green Light hubs and pose a drivers.

I can neither confirm nor deny but I have had at least 2 riders I suspected were secret shoppers. One of my suspects kept urging me to go faster bc they were in a hurry. The other tried to get me to accept more riders than I had seatbelts for. That one was weird bc the first time it happened, I let them ride. Then I thought about it and decided that in the future I wouldn’t allow this. It happened 2 more times in the same week. I referred them to XL and cancelled on them. Those cancellations were discharged from my rankings within a day or two. Might mean nothing, but there might be something to it. The moral of the story; give no shimmy shammy, get no shimmy shammy.

I have given Uber employees rides to the local office and received odd reports afterwards. My theory is that the Uber employees are required to do detailed audits of drivers as part of they’re personal reviews. I got a report that I didn’t ask the rider if the leg room was sufficient.

So what? If you keep your car clean and give a good safe ride, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Omg…uber really has people brain washed…drivers are below poverty wages driving for Screwber…and then the drivers have to kiss ass to stay on a system that takes advantage of drivers…then riders abuse drivers and uber lets them get by with it…wow what a scam

I heard that from a man the other day too

Yes go out and buy a new car. Give out water ,snacks,cords so the cheap ass riders can steal them. And to pick up someone for 2.40 omg. Then worry about a star rating. Are you all really kidding me…the moron got a free ride and your worried about Screwbers rating. Wow I might get a 1 or 5 star rating…what would the drivers rate Screwber??? What do they deserve? They cheat the drivers by almost stealing almost all the money the rider pays out and drivers keep plugging away …oops most figure out in a month it’s a scam…and run. But most drivers are stuck…they go out and buy a expensive vehicle. Big mistake. Don’t spend over 4 thousand…buy around 2004. Not 2018…you will destroy the vehicle in 2 years and you will be stuck paying on it for another 4 years…do the math…what can you pay for at the end of the day? Your lucky to pay for gas and food at McDonald’s…

I actually got caught up in one of those by uber…they tried to send me an underage rider …I didnt take him but after I sent him away 2 people came out ok f the school building and showed their uber Identification and took the ride instead…the kid was wearing a body camera…