So TODAY my journey gets a reboot and I've grateful. See you at club RAA!

So those of you in the group that I’ve laughed and joked with and met, don’t know my story but here it is. Jan 15th I was run off the road (thankfully not while driving for Uber) and left for dead by the other driver in a ditch after splitting a tree. If not for a passer by stopping and calling 911, I wouldn’t be here. After an extensive surgery to repair my right leg (broken in 3 places, broken hip, broken femur, broken ankle) and fractured spine and being “out cold” for 2 days at Grady Hospital, I awoke to no movement in my lower body and a tube in my throat. I was able to flash hand signals to create phone numbers for the nurses to call to alert the people who had been looking for me for two days! After a 2 week stay between the ICU and a patient room at Grady I was transferred to Dekalb Medical Hospital for a 2 week stay in the Physical Therapy Rehab Center. There I had great Therapists who pushed me harder than I ever had been pushed, I surpassed my 2 week goals in 1 day! I went from needing assistance into a wheelchair to, taking only a few steps in a walker to walking with crutches. I left Therapy and continued to push myself at home, from 1 crutch to none. EVERY single Dr said I should have passed away in this accident or at the very least sustained permanent injuries due to the severity of the accident. My 5 month checkup revealed I had completely 100% healed, much to the shock of my Dr’s who said it should’ve been around month 8 when that occurred. Currently I’m about 80-90% physically in leg strength. I drove for Uber before in order to pursue an industry I’m passionate about. 7 days before my accident I had been presented with a break through opportunity and was casted in a reoccurring role in the new TV Show Star (ironically set to shoot the day I awoke in the Hospital). So all this had to be put on hold. But today, 6 months from almost losing my life, I’m back! Got another vehicle to drive and my decals today! Will be back to what I was pursuing in no time. I share this not for pity, but to help motivate you to keep pursuing your goals and while obstacles come up, you can overcome. A lot of drivers complain about how they dislike Rideshare, but for me, it presented an opportunity to pursue my goals in the entertainment industry.

Glad you made it. God has angels and a purpose for you life. The devil tried to take you out of here sweetheart. But God said no praise God praise God praise God AMEN

Boyyyyyyyy this story touched my spirit and confirmed everything I talked about today with co workers. So so so so very happy you came out on top so I know there are big things awaiting you! No way you made it out of that for nothing.

A new vehicle? Those scratches would have buffed right out with some Turtle Wax! :smiley:

BUT SERIOUSLY - Amen and welcome back.

I always have issues with crediting God in situations like this… Especially if I don’t know ones particular faith.

Glad you’re okay and welcome back.

Thanks for sharing doctors are always trying to put a period where there should be a comma when you know the most high and how He works!!! God is amazing and you are tooo thanks for sharing

PRAISE GOD!!! I completely understand, I too was in the same position in 2006 and its mind over matter!!! So happy you’re here to share your TESTimony!! Be blessed! :heart::heart::heart:

Prime example of “It isn’t over until God says it’s over”!!! Thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless and keep you safe in his arms!!

All Praises to The Most High Universe and Gratitude to you for sharing. May Protection be at the forefront of your future journeys. One love.

That is amazing, yes thank you for sharing your story. You just encourage me to keep pushing in what I already started​:muscle::point_up:

God is GREAT…he is often better to us than we are to ourselves!! Giving God the praise and welcome back!!! Blessings :heart::pray:t4::heart:

But God…here you are giving a testimonial and someone still makes a dumb arse statement. You were meant to be here. God Bless you! Rideshare is just the vehicle in which your moving your own motivation. Complaining is natural not meant to be unappreciative of employment…at least for me. IJS

so sorry that happened to you. Your bravery, strength and perseverance is beyond commendable. Glad you’re okay; keep pushing and see you at the RAA. God bless.

Thank God for the Angel that was there to call 911. Thankful that you are still here among us all. Blessings, Strength and Healing to you.