So let's talk about maintainance for a moment

Everyone talks about how high maintainance is. I suggest anyone who is physically capable should work on your own cars. So here’s a list of tips for everyone.

  1. Buy and read a repair Manuel for your vehicle

  2. don’t always go cheap in parts. Not all parts needs to be top of the line but the truth is that you get what you pay for

  3. use YouTube because you can find repair help for almost anything you need help with.

  4. Last but not least remember that labor rates are what most of your cost will be at a shop.

Step 1) Consult YouTube
Step 2) Gain the confidence from YouTube to go work on your car
Step 3) Panic because you took off the first bolt and your car looks nothing like the YouTube video.
Step 4) Determine that this is way over your head so you put the bolt back on and call your friend who knows what he’s doing.

Ain’t that the truth lmao!! I tried doing some repairs on a previous car I had and regret ever attempting it. Now that I’ve got more knowledge I won’t have problems again. Luckily i’ m mechanically inclined so I learn super quick

Haha yep. My first attempt of anything was an alternator/radiator on my first car, a '99 cougar. Accessible only by removing the passenger wheel, inner wheel well, skid plates underneath and dropping it all out of the bottom of the car lmao. Got the car jacked up and the wheel off and said ehh I think I’ll just take it down the street.

Let me tell you when I took off the engine from a 1998 Kia Sephia … and rebuilt it in the living room :joy::joy::joy::joy: took me 2 weeks to put it back… just because I always had to order more parts but I did it! I learned with YouTube… and kept reading… but I did it. After that… I just start to do everything myself until I rebuilt a full 2003 BMW 325 xi

PS. I worked with tools most of my life … and I am mechanically inclined…

Heck ya. 3 series cars are totally worth a rebuild too. honestly I want a new m3 so so so bad.

Man. I love BMWs. My dad told me he’d disown me for loving anything but Chevy but I just can’t help it. They run prefect too as long as basic maintainance is upkept

I was trying to find the picture with how it looked when I bought it off eBay :joy::joy::joy: I spent around $12,000 in it and my wife made me trade it in… later :))) I am still looking to see if I can find that car for sale somewhere :)))

Brown interior… was hit in front… no lights… no radiator… no grill… no bumper… no hood…

Holy cow. Atleast parts are plentiful. I know they are rising in value quickly though for car people

this car was made actually in Germany… and had no rust… I worked later on some other newer models… full of rust and cheap plastic pieces… miss that car everyday :)))

My favorite color is victory red from gm. Looks almost the same as your red. Absolutely beautiful red

  1. I went to Home Depot to get a repair Manuel but Manuel said he wanted $150! :wink:

Only problem I see with you theory is if you do something wrong and it breaks while driving or you don’t get the correct torque on a bolt and cause an accident because of it you could be looking at a law suit

He just said… do your own work. Also there are manuals where you can see the correct torque that you need for every screw/bolt :))

No duh!! I’m a mechanic. I know what a torque wrench is for but you would be really surprised at the amount of people who do their own work and mess it up. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for people doing their own work. I have also seen people do better work than some people I work with. I was just saying be careful because now days people are sue happy and will go after someone just because they can.

Most cars are half computer now. It’s pretty hard to DIY

No. Not hard to diy at all. The computers are simple as shit, and most maintenance issues don’t even involve computers at all. Fluids, filters, brakes, suspension, exhaust, engine mounts, water pumps, belts, belt tensioners and pulleys, bulbs, most front end and tail end body parts are novice replaceable, even engine air intake system… all pretty much computer free save for a few relatively cheap plug and play sensors.

No one suggested that a novice go do their own engine teardowns, or ECM reprograms.

Man my horn is not working , someone told me it’s a simple fuse change and I don’t know where the f is that fuse .

Check your owner manual. There’s usually fuse panel diagrams and it tells you where they are located.