So if you ask and they can not produce this info can we cancel the ride on grounds of safety for you and your fellow riders?

After a previous post about service animals I decided to read everything uber has to offer on documention on service animals… it says we have to accept service service dogs and can not ask for a service animal licence or any thing to prove that they are a service animal. Not once sentence states that we can not ask if the animal is up-to-date on it’s vaccinations. (if it’s apool)??

Nope. Not until Uber updates it’s policy’s. Right now we have to accept them all, no exceptions.

Its a federal law you have to accept them no questions asked. 99.99999998% of registries are scams to begin with so it doesn’t matter if dog has got a single shot or is infested in fleas. Call your representatives and congressmen.

It’s not just Uber’s policy, it’s the law. The ADA says we’re not allowed to ask for proof. It says we’re only allowed to ask if it’s a service dog and what functions it is designed to perform.

Interesting angle. I like it and I bet if you refused a service animal based on that criteria you would still be deactivated but I bet you could argue your case and get reactivated.

Delta airlines is going to start asking for of up to date vaccinations why cant we?

Animals are just that animals with primal instincts so picture this… ms marry jane brings her little chiwawa with her claiming it’s a therapy dog with no r ecored of any vacinations and says yes did I has had them. And little fido I is not actually trained and dose not get along with other people and ms marry jane happens to select a pool so she gets in and the dog freaks out and bites either my self or another passanger. Where is the liability lie

It’s not an Uber rule it’s a law that you cannot ask for it.

It is illegal under Federal law for anyone to require documentation of a team. Many disabled individuals choose to provide a vest for their Service Dog and/or carry identification, however it is not required that they do. You may encounter a disabled individual who chooses to keep their disability private.

Simply inform the pax that all animals are welcome in your car and that you charge a $20 cleaning fee.

Stop looking for excuses and loopholes for not taking service animals and just take them already! If you need an allergy pill take one. :roll_eyes:

Watching the evening news and Delta Airlines just added new rules beginning March 1. Signed document they will behave. And some other requirements. The vaccination question is one of the questions.