Smart A$$ Pax try to take advantage when they see an XL car logged in as X and try to get an XL ride for X rates

They played dumb but were willing to pay cash to cover the difference, so I didn’t request an adjustment. I didn’t do the math to see if the tip would compensate for the difference. Pax seemed cool about it since they were desperate to get a ride. Played dumb about not being able to find an XL (I was the only one around and went without a ping for a while). A few days later I get a complaint about taking cash. I did this a favor, the tip was less than what the adjustment would’ve been, and he tries to throw me under the bus. Lesson being just do the adjustment through the app, and have a dash cam in case they dispute the number of riders.

Cool. Knowing I can do the adjustment. BTW, uber already resolved the adjustment I asked for and did so within an hour. . Side note: I’ve contacted uber like 4 times for various reasons, and they have resolved each issue same day, not sure where all the complaints about their support desk is coming from… but anyway.

When a pax tries to squeeze 5-6 in an X ride I’ll let them know I’ll be adjusting in the app for XL. I’ll get their confirmation before we start trip. Prob won’t get that coveted 5star but whatevs…

In hindsight I should have just done the fare adjustment as I normally do. I would still get a dashcam in case they ever dispute the number of riders. Also I’d imagine there may be drivers who abuse this and ask for adjustments when there weren’t 5+ pax so you must cover yourself

You get away with that? I frequently pick up 4 PAX, 2 couples is pretty common. If you came to get me and I had 4 riders and you wouldn’t take us I would be complaining to Uber. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like it considering you signed up for 1-4 passengers.

So the guy complained you took cash -not as “tip” but - to compensate for the fare adjustment? What a D-move.
That’s good to know what someone could do to ultimately make you out to be the bad guy, even though they were trying to cheat.

If they’re going to drop you for a violation they can drop you for anything… speeding, going through a stop sign, failing to yield, failing to turn signal, failing to wear a seat belt, expired license or registration. There’s a hundred things people do wrong while driving that might cause an accident and theoretically your insurance can drop you for any of them.

There’s no need to warn them. I encourage them to overload so I can upgrade them to XL. When in college or college bar areas, before I pull away to pick them up I send a text saying “I can only carry up to 6 passengers” giving them time to add people.

i’ve been doing it for months. i do a no show or do not charge depending on circumstance. more pass in car more problems for me…i like to avoid em…complain all you want pass…

No way. Did it once my first week driving. Have cancelled the half dozen or so times it’s happened since then with the too many pax choice. Reported the ride and my cancellation rate wasn’t effected.

This particular type of support resolution does come quickly and properly. But they are very limited on what they can do. But for this…they’re good.

Do you send the request before the ride, or complete the ride then send the request? I’ve recently gotten an XL vehicle and have wondered what to do in a situation like this.

This is the type of BS u have to stop allowing. Drivers have to stop being thirsty for pax. The fact that drivers do this shows how little Uber pays and how much Pax know they’re getting over.

I only drive uberX,in the past I used not to mind picking up 5 riders of they insisted but now I dont,and even if they insist to get some of them I ask them to cancel, because they will always give a bad rating if you leave their friends. It works for me

many uberX drivers can’t seem to understand that the more pax in ur car, the risks/along with wear and tear of car, gets much higher for something to go wrong. we are not bus drivers. i personally like to carry 2 pax at most. its civilized driving. safety for all. i’ll take 3 pax. but when it comes to the 4th pax i will cancel.

I currently do fare adjustments all the time for more that 4 riders. They see the mini van coming and start taking friends. It only takes a quick note from the app for the adjustment to XL.