Simple way to avoid crash

Control the things that you can:

Awareness, space cushion, drive predictably, check each intersection…

Use your turn signal, always. It only takes a couple of weeks to train yourself into the habit of using your signals. After that it takes zero effort. You will find yourself signaling on deserted roads. Don’t fight that habit.

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Inside your vehicle, devices such as cellular phones and stereos can interfere with driving. Reaching for a ringing phone, searching for your tunes, eating, tending to personal hygiene (i.e., shaving, applying makeup), reading (i.e., books, magazines, maps or directions), and dealing with children instead of devoting your full attention to driving can increase the potential for a traffic crash.

Here we go, the only way to not get in an accident is not to drive. Don’t drive without the new TNC Gap coverage or know you’re screwed when you get in an accident. I’ve only recently been in accidents that were my fault, I’ve been in plenty and none of them were my fault.

One I was on a route outside Boston going 60 and the car in front stops out of the blue, no where to go but on his bumper. You don’t realize the moment you think steady as she goes is the moment you’re likely to have an accident.

Oh, so don’t drive the way most people do. I see most drivers only looking at the ass end of the vehicle in front of them. It’s almost funny, like sheep. If that 1st drivers goes over a cliff, how many will follow?

Not trolling but unless you’re driving for a living it seems like you get into a LOT of accidents. The best way to prevent a rear-end collision is the 3 second rule, modified to suit conditions, more time obviously on slick roads.

I see young Uber/Lyft drivers rocket off the light. That is a great way to get killed. Never be the first in the intersection after the light change. That person that always runs the yellow will kill ya.

Most of the time the bad drivers around here that stick out have the app on the windshield. I’m like there goes another donkey driving for Youber.

There might be folks better driver than me. I know how to drive and I hope anyone on this board knows how to drive too. Do you think we are 16 or what? I have never hurt anyone and I have been successful in staying out of the way of morons.

I freaking hate the steel grate bridges in Oregon on a bike. Slippery as owl $hit. Scares the hell out of me. Last time I rode to Portland I drove 30 miles out of the way to avoid steel grate bridges.

My answer to all is 5 drive blindfolded with ear plugs using only your knee to steer so you can eat a bowl of hot soup and not spill it using one hand

Now that most of the people on here know they’re screwed and not covered the way they were led to believe in an accident while doing TNC, its not the drivers here who are driving more carefully, its the other drivers.

Every driver is required to be insured by TNC insurance. It is in the agreement, so Uber is off the hook if you do not buy Metro Mile, or Farmers TNC insurance in CA. Most states have an TNC insurance option now.

get a 180 degree view rear view mirror. I have one and it eliminates all my blind spots to the point where I don’t have to look at my side view mirrors.

I drive as if all other drivers are out to kill me, while at the same time making them all think I’m out to kill them; a technique which gets ya lotsa space.

Most people seem to adjust their mirrors to show three views of who’s behind them. Adjust so that as a vehicle begins to disappear from the left side of your inside mirror it begins to appear on the right side of the driver door mirror, then when it starts to disappear off the left side of that mirror you will see it in the corner of your eye without turning your head, no blind spot.

As you drive, scan those side mirrors constantly so when that guy ahead of you unexpectedly slams on his brakes you’ll know where to go.

Apart from what you mentioned, engine maintenance is vital to avoid serious accidents. The first thing I do every morning before I start my ride is to perform an engine check. While driving, I make sure I keep atleast one hand on the steering wheel while changing radio stations. Also, I take extra precaution when I ride with kids since they are always a distraction.