Simple Driver's Amazing Video on How to make $10,000 a month with Uber/Lyft

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Hi there, anyone reading this will immediately laugh out loud, how the heck can an Uber driver make $10,000 a month? Well, after we scoured the internet and studied the work personality and discussed the issue with many people from around the world we finally came across the "The Simple Driver, " and we now put into words what he and many other successful Uber drivers have developed.

How to make up to $10,000 in one month driving for Uber


First of all, we do not expect you to make $10,000 a month, but we will give you the methods to earn up to and beyond this amount. Each has different capabilities and motivation, each person reading this article will be able to earn their maximum if they work diligently and efficiently. This is our disclaimer, so don't go moaning about how you were promised thousands of dollars a month income if you don't apply all the details of this article and be prepared to maintain their integrity daily.


We have all seen the commercials and infomercials provided by Uber, where they promise you a " side hustle." We checked up the meaning of "side hustle" and it's most basic meaning is "a way to make extra income that gives you the flexibility to pursue what you are passionate about." We will come back to this definition later in the article. Now let's look at the meaning of the words " passive income." We have all heard this being mentioned; driving is not passive income. You can add passive income methods while driving, passive income is a source of income that comes after setting up a one-time activity that then generates income automatically (with a little maintenance), and we will discuss this issue in the video as well.

Now to explain the difference between an Uber driver and an " Uber business person." An Uber driver is someone that drives under contract for Uber, most of the drivers are just that, drivers. I am an Uber business person; I develop methods and means of income that are a direct product of driving for Uber. As such, I increase my income through utilizing a few methods that are both active and passive.

Uber Driver or Uber Business

All Uber drivers know that the average income for a ride is around $10-$15 per hour. Now that is great for a part-time driver, but remember, you are not an employee of Uber. You are an independent contractor, which means you are a small business and as such are an " Uber business person." I don't know of many or any independent business people that are content to make $10-$15 per hour driving, especially when you factor in all the hassle and expenses that come with it.

The eight ways to make more money

As a business person, I am not interested in per hour income; I am interested in profit and loss, I want to know how to maximize my income, period. So here are the eight ways to make more income while driving for Uber. Note, "while driving" and not "driving ." There is a big difference between the two statements.

Number 1: Driving

Driving, this is obvious, the first reason you signed up to Uber is to drive. This will generate income of around $10-$15 per hour. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, you are severely limited to how much you can earn driving. You also have to factor in living, that includes sleeping, eating, resting, family and kids and maybe even another source of employment. Do you remember we mentioned "passionate" about something, well this is also included here, so if you are passionate about something, you will need time to invest in that passion.

On average you will drive anywhere around 4-6 hours a day, that is a reality. If you try to drive more, then either you have nothing else to do, or you are highly active and motivated but don't have another source of income, and this article will explain why driving for so long is not your best option.

If you drive for 5 hours a day and earn around $12 per hour, you will make $60 per day from just driving. This is the first increment in your source of income, and on a monthly basis, taking off six days a month for personal and family days, you earn a total of $1,440 a month. You have to take off expenses from this, and those expenses change if you factor in the car you have or bought or leased or rented for this job. If you already own a car, you factor in depreciation, insurance, gas, and car maintenance. If you don't own a car, you factor in the cost of the car, the loan repayment costs and all the rest of running a car.

Number 2: Tips

Tips are a great form of income, and since Uber has an I app tipping feature, you can earn anywhere up to $80 a week based on the above driving parameters. This won't make you rich, but that's another $320 a month, so you are now up to $1,760 gross. Tipping is also a direct response to driving standards, so the more you invest in your cars comfort levels and in your social skills the more you will earn from tips.

Number 3: Bonuses

Bonuses are a kind of a crapshoot, sure you can earn more from them, but they are a science and also a gamble. Uber has some bonuses in play such as blitzes, surges, guarantees. You can earn more driving with surge intelligence factors helping you, but they won't make you more than around $100 a week, so we add that to our total income, and we reach $400 a month for bonuses and get $2,160 a month gross income from driving.

Number 4: Personal Uber Website

Do you remember we spoke about passive income, OK, here is the first source of passive income? It's a personal website dedicated to your Uber activates. This is what will start to separate you from being an Uber driver that earns $2,160 per month to become an Uber business person earning much more.

You cannot use the Uber trademark as part of your logo; you can only include it in your photos or text when describing what you do. So, do not call your website "Uber" or use any of their trademarks in your logo.

Your website is designed to generate income. It is not for beautifying your ego. So, concentrate on design and use screen psychology to get your website visitors to push the right buttons and links.

Another factor, very important your website is global, not national nor local, your reach is global, so you have unlimited access to millions of potential visitors, especially if you use viral marketing methods. We will discuss this later in this section.

The website will offer four focused Uber activities:

  1. Referral for drivers
  2. Referral for passengers
  3. Referral to your YouTube website (explained soon)
  4. Information that helps teach visiting drivers about driving (referral to courses).

There is no point in filling your screen with adverts, direct advertising does not pay, and it detracts from the focus of your site. Now let's look at the four main features:

  1. Referral for drivers; Uber has a referral bonus for drivers to attract new drivers. This bonus can add to your income up to $50, but the actual amount varies per city. The least is $25 the most can reach $1,000. You will never really know what the latest referral bonus is in every city. However, I get on my site an average of 5-10 referrals a week, and I average $500 a week from this. My income from driver referrals is around $2,000 a month. So now my total gross income reaches $4,160 per month.
  2. Passenger referrals; not everyone wants to be a driver, but when you offer a free ride with every new sign on it increases your customer base and pushes more viewers. This is part of the viral networking we mentioned. A viral marketing or network structure is when you utilize social media platforms to increase your visitors through message direction and sharing. When a visitor comes to your website and gets a free ride, they will share your website with another friend, in fact, they might share your website with 10-20 more friends and more if they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapshot and more. The reach can be amazing. My website has so far received 600,000 visitors! That's for an Uber driver website, which I made into an Uber passive income website.
  3. Another income source is affiliate links; these are products that you promote on your website. When placed properly, they will be clicked, and you will earn for every client you send over. I use Amazon since I always propose buying gadgets from their site. When you look at one of my video's or articles, I always include links to the Amazon site where I bought them. Once a visitor clicks on my link, he actives the referral code embedded in that link and when he buys something during that visit on Amazon I will earn some income. Now take into account that I have a few thousand visitors per month, I end up earning around $300 a month just from this passive income source. So now my income has reached $4,460 gross monthly.
  4. Number 5: This is, in fact, a separate form of income, but it's part of the website now, so I include it under Number 4 as well. You will need another form of income to increase your passive earnings since the website can only do so much. I added a YouTube partner training site, where I place all my videos. I don't make money from the videos I make money from the advertising that is placed in my videos and on the YouTube site. This is truly passive income, but it does first-time demand activation and monthly maintenance. You will need to add a new video now and then, more now if you want to keep your audience coming back. My YouTube site has on average 630 visitors a day, that's 630 views of different videos per day. I have one video that has over 835 comments on it from drivers from all over the US. I also included the Amazon affiliate link here, so now I earn a further $200 per week, and that adds up to another $800 per month, so now my monthly gross income has reached $5,260.

Note: I am only giving you minimum income amounts, the real figures I reach are much higher." You can check out a good site at Calvin Hill's the simple driver's website

Number 6: Coaching

This source of income is dependent on your ability to teach others based on your experience level. Your experience as a driver, which if maintain a 4.9 to a 5-star rating, gives you the right to teach others how to maintain their ratings as well as train new drivers. Your experience is hard earned, working hours, investing time, energy, effort and money into building up a successful career in Uber driving and more. Some drivers and applicants will want you to help them personally. You can do this, but you have to place a price on your time. I charge $200 per hour, and I usually complete a lot in one hour. Personally, I don't like doing this too much, but it makes me on average $1,200 from six coaching sessions per month. That increases my monthly income to $6,460 per month. I get customers from all over and have taught drivers from Canada as well as the west coast.

Number 7: B2C

B2C is Business to Client, and this is the best part of the whole process. Do you remember we mentioned "passionate" well this is about selling to your passengers what you are passionate about. Usually, every passenger starts a conversation around how you go into Uber driving, and I always lead them to my main source of income which is what I am passionate about, Photography. Now for me its Photography but for others, it can be accountancy, painting, house repair, teaching drumming or coaching martial arts. Everyone has a personal passion and can make a good income from it. Since I am driving around 5 hours daily, I get to meet 35 passengers on average, and that means that Uber driving for me is a paid for marketing process. I get paid to market my main source of income.

Imagine that! You don't need to spend money selling your services; you just need to join Uber and get them to pay you for selling your services. Work 5 hours a day, make money and also pull new clients into your passionate work area.

Now I charge around $1,500 for a shoot, so if a customer wants me to photograph their wedding, their family meeting or whatever, I earn a minimum of $1,500. I usually manage to get four customers a month while driving for Uber, so my income is around $6,000 per month just from this. (I make much more, this is the basic income level).

I know some guys that make money from getting new students in their classes, drumming, martial arts, etc. So, Uber pays me a basic monthly income (without hassles) for driving only $2,160 that generates a further $6,000 just from B2C. Now my gross monthly income from Uber driving has jumped to $12,460 per month. (I add the website income).

Number 8: B2B

Business to business is a standard marketing model that is used daily. As an Uber business (not the driver) I can offer my services to other businesses. While driving for Uber, I get to take a lot of passengers to many restaurants and tourist sites. After being taken to a few, I find that there are some preferred stops, so I go up to the owner or manager and offer this service; I will suggest and even bring them, customers. For this service, I either get paid a cash incentive, or I get free meals. Either way, I get a source of income that is readily evaluated in cash form.

I also meet up with many insurances companies, accountants, and real estate agents. I can refer customers to them, and for every referral, I get paid. This is a standard marketing procedure and very easy to apply. Many customers that enter my car have an issue that needs dealing with, and not all of them have a solution provider. I try to connect them to their solution provider, and I get paid by the solution provider and also get a five-star rating from the customer for being such a help.

Another B2B solution is via my website, I get a referral link (with an embedded code) from the service provider, and anyone that clicks onto their site via my link and buys a service I get paid. The amount can vary, and it can either be in a set cash amount per referral or a percentage of the actual deal. I prefer the cash per referral, its cleaner and quicker and I get paid anywhere between $5-$15 per click.

Since I drive anywhere between 700 to 800 passengers per month, I add to that all my websites incoming traffic, and I have a great passive income of thousands of clients a month, clicking on any number of services.

I also use Google Analytics to prove to some businesses that I have a large turnover of visitors, and that enables me to charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per month for a specific advert link on any post I have.

The overall income generated from this B2B sector is around $500 per month, and in fact can be more. So, the total income I generate by being an Uber business persona and not an Uber driver reaches $12,960


  1. If you are ready to set up the framework for generating a lot of passive income through intelligence, diligence, and motivation, you will reach over $10,000 per month income.
  2. If you are ready to learn and keep an open mind and incorporate driving with another source of income, a passionate source of income, you will have Uber paying you for your marketing.
  3. If you are prepared to create a website, include Google Analytics, and open social media accounts. Maintain them on a monthly basis (not daily). You will create a perfect passive income source.

By offering more services to your passengers and by showing interest in their needs you create a situation where your star rating goes right up, you can be a 4.9-5 star driver constantly. It's not just about being polite and opening doors, it's about listening to your customer, observing them and offering assistance and advice when needed.

One last thing: it's a don't, don't bother with business cards. They end up being lost, paces in dark places, put in wallets, pockets or what have you and never really used. If you need to send someone to your website, then have it done on their smartphone while you drive. That way they have visited the site.

Regarding tip number 5, YouTube videos, it is important to note how to create a video. It might seem simple just to record yourself, but if you don't have a defined way of presenting your issue you will end up rambling on and losing the train of thought. So, when preparing a video, first write down the main idea, concept, then draw up headings and then work according to each heading. I usually take about an hour to prepare my paper, and then maybe have to make five or six video's to get it right.

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