Should I use unlimited data?


(Sue Cooper) #1

I am a new Uber driver.
I was wondering if I should upgrade my cell phone plan to unlimited data due to using data on the gps when I am transporting riders.
Not sure if that takes up a lot of data.

(Donna Harris) #2

Depending on what service you have, here’s what I suggest if you’re trying to save money and avoid paying for a level you don’t need. Get the lowest plan you think might work according to how much you intend to drive. The apps don’t take up that much, but streaming does, so plan accordingly. Watch your data usage: if your phone doesn’t do this, download an app that will. If you get close to your cap, upgrade your plan. Not one of the carriers is likely to refuse you a plan upgrade. Some do limit the number of changes you can do in x amount of time though, so be sure you know your terms.

(Michaela Biksacky) #3

Okay, thanks everyone! I’m upgrading right now and found out that I’m eligible for a brand new cell. Bigger and better! LoL Awesome day!

(Sheena Washington) #4

I’m not sure about other carriers but with AT&T you can change your data plan at any point through the month and back date the new plan to beginning of the billing cycle. So if you burn through your data and want to change to a higher plan just choose backdate and you won’t have an overage.

(Brendan Halai) #5

If you don’t have unlimited already, you should switch to T-Mobile for unlimited data, texting, calls & more & more. Very reasonable pricing for what is offered.

(William Murphy) #6

I would get the unlimited option if available, Your phone usage for Uber/Lyft is something you can right off your taxes. And also your music streaming service Apple music/ Spotify

(Graham Sandy) #7

i use verizon and never used more than the Large data plan never hit 8 gigs. and I run uber,lyft, pandora,and the map app, on my tablet.

(Mathew Boolean) #8

“Unlimited” plans are usually throttled back to a very low speed. That was unworkable for me. I got a 6gb/mo plan from at&t with monthly rollover for $90/mo and it works just fine. I usually have one or two gigs to spare.

(Trish Richardson) #9

Not really an issue with T-Mobile:
“On all T-Mobile plans, if congested, top 3% of data users (>30GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds due to prioritization.”

(Lance Rodriguez) #10

This is a myth I don’t use anymore data then before I even stopped at my provider and had them pull my data records I use more data on Facebook than I do using uber and lyft

(Melinda Foster) #11

I had to recently had 15 more days already used 3g upped it to 6g or I was going to be charged $15 every g I went over.