Should I stay a Lyft guy?

So I’m a Lyft guy through and through never done uber.
Just downloaded and approved for uber.
Seems like only problems happen with uber.
My area is south shore Massachusetts

I only drive for lyft and my husband drives for both. I also only like lyft but he stays more busy then me and makes more money. Always maximize your earnings the best way you can.

Uber just changed the per mile rate and per minute rate. And it seems its not in our favor. Are you part of the boston uber/lyft fb page? There is lots of discussion there about it.

Never had any issues with Lyft . Not saying they are perfect but they take care of any issue promptly

It’s always good to to have a backup in case a pax reports some bs and you get deactivated. Also you’ll stay busier if you have both apps going.

Uber is awful! Lyft is great. If I were in Mass I’d do Lyft only. Unfortunately in NH Uber is 75% of the rides I get.

I drive for Uber and never Lyft. I have a well established system with Uber and here in Chicago you’re maxed at 10 hours. For me if I ever did Lyft, it would interfere with my bonuses. Perhaps it’s a way to steer me away from Lyft. I also have a full time job though. I still average about 40 hours with Uber. Though most of those hours come on the weekend. Whatever works for you but if you’re established well with Lyft, I would stick with Lyft. Uber will start slow with bonuses.

I can’t speak for MA, but I started Lyft and now do Uber. I found the riders to pretty much be the same. I’ve made more in Uber than I ever did on Lyft. Uber has been busier too.

R u kidding me u live on south shore and only do lyft. Get your ass out and uber at a pats game…

Hey Michael I don’t care, Long as I get mine. 2 cars speak for me & tons of other bills thanks to the poor & Lyft.

I’ve been using both for about a month now in Illinois. I’ve found that Uber is much busier than Lyft in our area. Also, I get tipped 2 out of 10 rides with Lyft customers. Ubers customers tip me around 6 out of 10 rides.

I run both in N Fla and I make 80% of my money on Lyft. Ubers ok just alot of sketchy surges tho.

Run both at the same time. Passengers are about the same. I have found I get way more tips on Lyft over Uber for some reason. Passengers use both, as I have had several pax request a ride with Uber, only to pick them up later with Lyft.

here’s my take!

nice video thank you. One thing has changed however, Lyft no longer compensates extra $$$$ for 10+ minute drive times for pickup.

Both have their problems. I make more with Uber but use Lyft occasionally. Would rather use Lyft but the money is just not here.