Should I invest in unlimited data?

The new uber app has been burning up my data!!! It went from
1.5 GB a month to 13.800 GB after 2 weeks last month. And this month it’s already Drained 6.12 GB after just 7 day!!! And can give me an explanation as to why this is happening!!!

For tax deduction advice check out Stride Drive /Stride Health. They used to partner on the Uber app and still are a great resource for your rideshare tax questions.

Few tips on data saving: Try turning off your location when you aren’t planning to be online for Uber. Also close out any open apps. Close out open browser pages. Always use WiFi when you’re home.

Just a FYI, It has been proven that closing open apps does not save data because it’s not using data when running in the background until you click to open it.

I understand and appreciate that. Didn’t mean to sound angry or ungrateful. I was just saying that for 3 and a 1/2 years I Averaged under 2 0 GB a month and without me changing anything different from what I was doing, and my usage still increased to about 1 1/2 GB a day. Just a statement not an attack. :blush::blush::blush:

Notice the difference one month later. From Oct 29- Nov 28 it shot up to almost 14 GB for the month
And now Nov 29-Dec 28 is on course to be just as high or higher. The only reason it stops is when I don’t drive. Or my Data runs out at 32GB and it starts throttling. I been driving full time for 3 1/2 years and usually use only 1.5gb -2.0gb until last month after an app update. Since then it’s been Eating my data.

I appreciate all the advice,but my question is why did this just start happening. I’m not doing anything different then I have in the last 3/12 years!!! I always used less than 2 GB a month wreather I had music playing or not. This some UBER bullshit!!! I never needed unlimited data. I always had data left over.

Just because it’s tax deductible doesn’t mean you should spend the money.

You don’t need a new phone just need unlimited data

New version of iOS does this if you’re on an iPhone. It’s a known issue for some users on 12.1.1
I’m at 30 GB in 5 days… Uber has used 3 in that time

usage is definitely up… They had a major outage last night, and on top of that the phone’s were down too… :thinking:
Sounds fishy… I hope that there’s a major failure and riders switch to Lyft.

Ur carrier is lying? When i was with verizon they used to say i was using tons of data when my phone was on wifi most of the time. On another note i shut my wifi off when driving( it likes to randomly connect and it messes with my data. ) then i forget to turn it on again when im home and i end up burning through so much data

been there done that, forgetting to turn back on. I’ve made one of my apps not to work on data one I use at home a lot. Help remember to turn by on. But man it can suck

Even unlimited caps at 20gb then slows down… I haven’t driven since the new app … but definitely would bug me too.

Uhm… did you change your GPS settings? Could be your location settigs were also updated and it could be using the native GPS as well as uber to navigate which might possibly double the data usage

I personal use over 30 gigs every month and it tax write off!!.. I have unlimited and don’t understand why all rideshare employees don’t have it .

not even from a write-off perspective.
we have 3 phones and use the hotspot to stream videos for our daughter while taking our multi-hour car rides to-from vacations as well as when out to dinner.
its not worth 20 a month for me to add a table on, when my free hotspot sends said signal to the tablet anyway

now if i remember, you have to split out your lines by personal versus business use so how are you breaking it down.

obviously not all 5 lines are for your uber/lyft driving

I would call your phone carrier ASAP. I don’t know if it is different depending on where you live but I drive about 30 hrs a week and don’t even use a full GB between the two (lyft and Uber). We have. 10 Gb plan that is shared between 6 people and 2 of us so ride share.