Should I given this driver a 1 star?

Lyft driver picks me up from the airport… friendly and car, I have to say, was the cleanest rideshare I’ve ever been in… (other than mine😉)
We get on the freeway, I’m on my phone and Despacito comes on and he turns club mode and cranks that baby up… I just ended the call. (It wasn’t important anyways) but he didn’t have to crank it.
Ok, the ride feels like he’s stepping on the gas and letting go, stepping and letting go, it’s a 26 minute ride (I’m thinking, I’m gonna get car sick).
We leave the freeway and he starts checking his messages and playing music with cursing (as shown on the videos)…

  1. Don’t EVER check messages when driving passengers.
  2. Don’t play dirty lyrics unless you clear with passengers.
  3. Don’t crank it unless you clear with passengers.
  4. If you can’t maintain speed levels, use the cruise control whenever possible.
  5. Thanks for the clean car.
  6. Still gave him 5 stars and a tip, but sent a message to express “my opinion” of what “I” felt.

Been driving for a year for both uber and lyft and I know most of the passengers I’ve driven would have given this guy 1 star, no tip and terrible reviews, all those were things within his control, no need for them.

My 2 cents.

Stay safe fellow drivers.

Some people are just in their own world. Clueless as to how to act when a rider is in their car. Maybe he just wasn’t taught how to be considerate, or he didn’t give a damn. He could be doing what he thinks is ok, in his mind, like he’s cruising with friends on a Saturday night. Our society has changed dramatically. Standard morals and values have taken a hit, which ultimately affects the older generation more so than the younger, because we lived in those times. It’s called evolution, and it isn’t always so comfortable. I would have felt a bit uncomfortable myself, if I were his rider. Then again, it’s a few minutes out of my life that I can endure. As long as I get to my destination safely, I’m good. Lol. I might need a barf bag though. :face_vomiting::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So because he chooses to do things his way it’s not the right way?Of course according to 2 cents smh U do you and let others worry bout themselves…

Texting while driving isn’t just the wrong way, it’s illegal and dangerous, putting his pax in danger, not to mention, unprofessional as hell.

Abusive language in music, then turns it louder when pax gets on phone, thats a jo move gets a1

Our job is to get to point a to point b drop off pax not cater to there every want and need …And turning up the radio was because he saw you a condescending entitled elitist who thinks Uber means I own your car because I’m in it…next time introduce yourself and give the guy some tips rather than putting him on blast on a national page …🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

Everything but the music I can agree is terrible. 1 that’s a damn good song, 2 passengers are supposed to be 18, who cares if the music has cuss words. You’d flip if you heard my playlist :joy::joy: but the turning it up is bad too I always turn it down when they get a call and then turn t back up when they hang up

Some drivers seem to think all passengers want a “club experience” in their car. I’ve found that the majority prefer peace and quiet. Even the drunk kids like to get in the car and be able to talk to each other.

I understand the post fully… But what i don’t understand is the fact if u were unsatisfied with the ride don’t give 5 stars, and dont tip the person, then turn round round and talk shit bout how someone else would have given 1 star. Based off of ur contradicting post maybe u should have given 1 star and no tip because u were obviously not really satisfied with the service. So many times our passengers get the best customer service possible and the party is still not satisfied…ijs.

DUDE! He as on his FACEBOOK! No tip and reported! Drivers like this need to be reprimanded!!

i hate that, you should have told him to show alittle more reapect for your life and the life of other.

Definitely should have said something to him. If you’ve been driving a year you know the comments left behind do not show up to us. The other problem with society is that when people have problems with someone they hardly discuss that problem with the other party. That’s also a throw back to the generation from 70’s and above. Yes respect each other but howwas he to know you were uncomfortable if you didn’t address the matter either at the end of the ride or while it was happening? He could have been a driver just starting out for all you know

I completely agree with you but unfortunately we live in an era where the politically correctness has got out of hand, if he would have said something he’ll end up in the street because these driver don’t understand that we’re not just in a giving a ride business, we are in the customer service business and when driver understand that they will get more tips and a better rating

Keep the music at a store barley hear it level. If they want it louder they’ll say so. Yes it’s your car but your also running a business not taking your buddies to the club.

I understand not texting but think if you would’ve asked to turn it down would have solved the problem…“say something” speak up!!

Honestly shouldn’t have to. I’m not saying let the riders get away with murder or anything but damn it where is the common sense when it comes to running a business. This is why I think Uber needs to allow riders to pick say 5 drivers they really like and when they call for a ride it goes to them first then everybody else. There may be somebody that has no problem with texting while driving, loud music with cursing in it etc. Let them take a ride from that guy.

No one touches the dial but me. Any of the car’s controls for that matter. Even the windows and doors, unless I release them.

I would have expressed my opinion in a respectful manner at the moment. Especially if you’re a driver yourself. I refuse to sit back and be uncomfortable riding. Especially if I paid for it!! My 2cents