Should drivers allow service animals?

I have seen several posts where people are asking if they have to allow service animals in their vehicle. My question in how many of you have actually had passengers with service animals because I have been out for 4 months now and have yet to get one?

Twice and both times I did not mind. The dogs sat quietly and not really any hair left behind. No issues for me :slight_smile:

I’ve had people bring dogs, but they were NOT service animals. I demand the pet stays on the floorboard unless it is small enough to be totally contained on lap.

Just 2 dogs in 7 months of driving. Don’t mind if they tip and add $1.50 for vacuum. Fleas can be a problem if the owners are incompetent

And this is the point I am trying to make so many people get so butt hurt about the fact that they may have to take a service animal even though they are allergic and the fact is they may never ever see one.

  1. You’re probably not going to know if it’s a service animal.
  2. You’re going to accept the ride without question.
  3. You should keep an antihistamine in your car if you’re allergic.

I had one ride in the last several months where the owners brought their pup he sat on the floor was well behaved and no issues it was a great ride and he was sweet he was a rescue dog and was missing an ear from being in dog fights so sad but his owners gave him a new life he was spoiled and loved and they renamed him van Gogh! I loved it he left very little hair behind too for me that was my only experience and it was very pleasant but I also have no allergies to animals which helps as well

I never had a service dog but had a family dog lol. He was very well mannered so I didn’t mind😊

Had 3 rides, 4 dogs total in '17, 1 cool older gentleman and his well-behaved spaniel, and one couple from DFW and their canine companion so far this year. All were great, including mom and daughter golden retrievers

3 service dogs, 2 just getting around with my gig and 1 I didn’t take this idiot needed to have ordered an XL. She was trying to take cage and dog to vet so I said clearly that is dirty and won’t fit in my car.

I have had 3 dogs and not one was a service dog. Even a Uber/lyft driver tried to finagle a scary looking pit bull into my car but it didn’t happen. I would risk being deactivated and that is what I have said to the Lyft/uber support. I have come in contact with service dogs and have noticed a big difference than a regular dog. Service dogs seem more controllable and seem really protective not acting like it’s about to attack you. No thanks!

Is it reasonable to refuse a service dog that is not in a carrier or cage?

Service dogs are typically NOT in a carrier or cage. It prevents them from doing their job.

But you could defend this request in court. An unrestrained animal in the car puts everyone in danger.

You can’t predict the behavior of any animal. Not knowing the dog’s history, whether it is a rescue or if it has been abused, is reason enough to request that the owner have a mechanical restraint. You don’t want to be driving down the highway with a 90 pound dog in your lap.

I’ve had 2 service dogs & 3 dogs going with their owners to the local dog bar in the last year…no issues

I have jad 2 pets AND 2 service dogs. One pet was a dog and well behaved and short haired. The other pet was a cat in a kennel to tbe airport. The service dogs were as they should be.