Seriously, people, WTF are you doing requesting Lyft Line at the airport?

Got this Lyft Line at EWR yesterday. Dropped a couple off in Hoboken and a single pax in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. The time of the ride was 1:10 and it took about that long to get back to NJ from the middle of freaking Brooklyn. So I maybe made $25/hour. Not great.

Lol. Yeah
What are you doing accepting Lyft line at the airport?

With the streets in the condition that they are in you probably took $25 off of the life of your car in potholes alone.

As a customer, wouldn’t you be looking for the cheapest option? If you’re not in a particular hurry and you don’t have a problem with sharing the car with other people Why Pay double the price sometimes for uberX?

So as long as uber and Lyft offer these services you best believe that customers are going to take advantage of them. I know I do as a customer!

Taking a lyft or uber back from bars or an airport I would certainly not mind paying the extra amount. I could live in a dump and pay $800 rent. Do you live in a dump because it’s the cheapest option?

Lol That makes no sense.

Here’s why…

$800 rent = crappy studio or basement apartment where you LIVE

$2,000 rent = Nicer 1-2 bedroom apartment …prob nicer location…where you LIVE

You’re paying MORE for a better product/living situation.

$5 Uber Pool ride = Ride in someone’s Camry

$10 UberX ride = Same ride in that SAME Camry

So WHY pay more?

( like I’ve said before unless you are in a hurry or running late that is the only difference in the quality of service you are getting so why would you pay more for it?)

After flying for a few hours with a shit ton of people I certainly don’t want a pool ride back to Brooklyn. Buy u guess that’s just cause I’m not cheap or cos I’m a an idiot (according to you)

I have to agree with Henry Alexander Dumas

People are going to choose the cheapest in certain situation. If they offer it . Why not?

You have to look at it from the pax’s viewpoint.

As a driver it’s your prerogative not to take any Line or Pool request.

As a driver if you are going to take pool the very least you can do is explained to the driver how to stop new requests and that he should take the longer route because you is the passenger will not pay any more and he/she will earn more money.
That’s if the driver speaks a language that allows you to communicate with them but even if you can communicate many drivers are too stupid to understand what you’re trying to explain to them.
I don’t use pool but when I use Uber X I tried to explain to the driver to take the long route so they will earn more money but only about 60% understand what I’m telling them. And one douchebag even rated me one star after I tip him $5 in cash on a $12 ride.

Using the apt analogy.

Same apt but you get a cheaper rent if you can only use the laundry room once a week.

It’s an inconvenience for SOME people. For others, it’s not.

Thats’ the idea of Pool/Line. SOME people don’t mind the inconvenience for a cheaper price.

Same apt.

Those are the people that should NEVER request pool or Line.

But they do. I guess not getting the same service means nothing to them.

Its ok to take pool rides, just take tge furst one, dont accept anymore. On Uber you can cancel. On Lyft just ignore and keep heading towards ur pax destination.

Not sure how not to accept a line ride on Lyft. Please explain how you do that. I go for the power driver bonuses each week and don’t want to lower my acceptance rate.
Also noticed I very rarely get a tip on line rides vs regular rides

I hate line from EWR I usually don’t accept lines from the airport because the many stops

Most riders at the airport are not eligible for Lyft Line because they have bags. I refuse to accept all Line and uberPOOL requests.

Brooklyn from EWR should always go via the Verrazano bridge. Should have gone to Brooklyn first, then Hoboken. You’d get paid two $20 tolls, the Verrazano toll, all miles and be back in NJ.